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The New York State Senate chamber. Photo:
The New York State Senate chamber. Photo:

New York State more likely to have three primaries after Senate says bill is DOA

The Leader of the State Senate says an Assembly bill to hold state legislative primaries on June 26th is dead on arrival in his house. As Karen DeWitt reports, that means it's more likely the state will hold three separate primaries this year.  Go to full article

Quinipiac Poll finds voters trust Cuomo more than teachers' unions

A new poll finds that New York state voters trust Governor Andrew Cuomo to safeguard education more than they trust the teachers' unions.

Cuomo has pushed unions hard on teacher evaluations. Today is the deadline het set for unions and the state Education Department to come up with a new plan for evaluations. He has said he'll impose his own reforms if they don't.  Go to full article

As deadline approaches, Cuomo threatens to impose own teacher evaluation plan

The deadline imposed by Governor Cuomo for an agreement on teacher evaluations between unions and the State Education Department is fast approaching. As Karen DeWitt reports, the governor says if there's no agreement by Thursday, he'll impose his own teacher evaluation plan.  Go to full article

Cuomo seeks to take some oversight powers from Comptroller DiNapoli

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's trying to make government more efficient by taking pre audit oversight powers away from the State's Comptroller in his state budget proposal.  Go to full article
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Assembly Dems want primaries in June

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a Democrat, has introduced a bill that would require all of the primaries for statewide elections in the Assembly and Senate held on June 26th. That's the day that a federal judge ordered that congressional primaries be held. Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article

Green advocates lobby for enviromental fund

More than 100 demonstrators representing 50 environmental groups were in Albany yesterday, hoping to protect the state's Environmental Protection Fund. The EPF is traditionally a target in state budget negotiations. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

There's still a lot to do to address mortgage crisis, Schneiderman says

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says the $25 billion national settlement on the foreclosure crisis reached last week is a "down payment," on what he believes banks owe foreclosed homeowners. And he says there's a lot still to do, including civil and criminal prosecutions.

Schneiderman says New York mortgage-holders could see their debt cut by more than $700 million less, under the settlement.

The deal applies to Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Ally Financial. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Theres an additional level of job security in exchange for the sacrifices and the contributions that the union members have made.

Cuomo Administration still wrangling with some state unions over contracts

With just six weeks left in the state's fiscal year, the Cuomo Administration has still not settled labor contracts with some significant public worker's unions. These include the state's corrections officers, and professors and other staff in the State University System. Karen DeWitt has this report.  Go to full article
Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his budget address in January.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his budget address in January.

Cuomo hits back at critics

Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking some heat this week. That's after a series of actions that have been criticized as consolidating more power for the executive branch, at the expense of the legislature and even some other statewide office holders. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

Comptroller says budget mostly balanced, but new rules give Cuomo more power

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says that Governor Cuomo's budget is mostly in balance. But he warned yesterday that some proposals would give the governor too much power at the expense of other branches of government. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has this report.  Go to full article

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