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If the governor is the new advocate for children, he must not be the advocate for children in high poverty school districts.

North Country schools disappointed with Cuomo budget plan

Most of the education talk in Governor Andrew Cuomo's budget speech this week was about teacher evaluations. But Cuomo's written proposal also offers increasing aid to schools by 4% with a significant portion of that earmarked for high needs districts. That sounds like good news for struggling north country schools. But now that they're getting the details, some are fighting mad. Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article
We have to do this. If we leave the status quo we then will have failed also.

Cuomo proposes another year of change

Governor Cuomo is for the second year in a row asking the state legislature to enact some changes that promise to shake up business as usual at the Capitol. The governor was successful in persuading the legislature to adopt his ideas during his first year in office, it's not yet known whether he have as much luck in the second year.  Go to full article
Governor Andrew Cuomo delivering Tuesday's budget address in Albany.
Governor Andrew Cuomo delivering Tuesday's budget address in Albany.

Cuomo's new budget could bring sweeping changes to North Country

Governor Andrew Cuomo laid out a spending plan for New York state today that's designed to cut more than 2 billion dollars in deficits. The plan includes hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts from state programs, while also using new revenue from a higher tax bracket for wealthy New Yorkers.

Here in the North Country, Cuomo's budget would bring sweeping changes: It'll squeeze benefits enjoyed by state workers, pose big new challenges for the Olympic Regional Development Authority, and offer some new help for local governments struggling with Medicaid costs.

Brian Mann joined Nora Flaherty on the line to talk about Cuomo's speech.  Go to full article

North Country schools anxious for Cuomo's budget

North country school leaders are anxious to see Governor Cuomo's budget proposal when it's released Tuesday. Cuomo has committed to boosting state aid to schools by 4%. But local schools don't know how that will affect their budgets.

Some district superintendents have been lobbying hard to restore cutbacks made by the state last year. Julie Grant spoke with Stephen Putman, superintendent of the Brasher Falls Central Schools.
He says there are a variety of ways poor districts are losing out.  Go to full article
Its about the education bureaucracy perpetuating the education bureaucracy.

Cuomo's budget plan likely to take on "education bureaucracy"

Governor Cuomo says he intends to take on what he calls the "education bureaucracy" this year. As Karen DeWitt reports, Cuomo's new budget plan, to be released Tuesday afternoon, will likely further that goal.  Go to full article

Cuomo gets set to release state budget Tuesday--with $2b gap

Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to release his state budget plan on Tuesday. As Karen DeWitt reports, Governor Cuomo will have the challenge of closing a $2 billion budget gap.

The good news is, it's far less than last year's $10 billion gap, and, smaller than it was projected to be as recently as a month ago. That's because Cuomo and lawmakers in December agreed to extend an income tax surcharge on New York's wealthiest, those making over $2 million a year, which will bring an estimated $1.5 billion in additional revenue.  Go to full article
SUNY Plaza, Albany. Photo: SUNY
SUNY Plaza, Albany. Photo: SUNY

2012 another tight year for SUNY

With the New Year comes new visions for what state government will try to accomplish over the next 12 months. Last week Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State speech. Monday, SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher gave her annual State of the University address. As the Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison reports, 2012 appears to be another year of belt tightening for the SUNY system.  Go to full article
Video gaming machines plus racetrack equals "racino." Photo: Inovation Trail, courtesy of Tioga Downs
Video gaming machines plus racetrack equals "racino." Photo: Inovation Trail, courtesy of Tioga Downs

Expanded gambling could change the game in Albany

One of the main planks in Governor Cuomo's State of the State address was the legalization of casinos in New York. Expanding gaming to non-Native casinos would require an amendment to the state Constitution. That's a long political process, and could add to the mix of lobbying money flowing into Albany. The Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports.  Go to full article

On first day back, some bipartisanship in legislature--but not on redistricting

The New York State legislature had its first official day back yesterday. On its first official day of business the legislature acted in a show of bi- partisanship, to divest the state of investments in Iran. But Democrats and Republicans in the Senate continue to argue over redistricting. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has this report:  Go to full article
Just as important as it is to get the agenda out there, its as important for senior staff to listen to whatever people might have to say.

Scozzafava delivers Cuomo message

Dede Scozzafava, Deputy Sec. Of State and former North Country Assemblywoman, was in St. Lawrence County yesterday. She's part of the team of top staffers sent out to deliver what the governor's office called "regional State of the State Messages."

Scozzafava spoke at Clarkson University.

She stopped in the North Country Public Radio studios on her way.

She spoke with Martha Foley regional economic development councils, the proposed "energy highway," and relief for local governments struggling to pay for expensive state-mandated services.  Go to full article

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