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SOS gives prison system a pass

Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke only briefly about the state's correctional system during his speech yesterday. Last year, his administration mothballed seven prisons, none of them in the North Country. Cuomo called that an important accomplishment. "We closed 3800 prison beds," he said, "because we finally realized prison operation is not economic development."

But the governor didn't call for any further prisons to be closed. After the speech, state Senator Betty Little of Queensbury said she thinks further prisons closures are off the table for now. That's good news for North Country prison towns from Moriah to Ogdensburg that had faced calls for prison downsizing.  Go to full article
Governor Andrew Cuomo during Wednesday's address. Photo: Marie Cusick.
Governor Andrew Cuomo during Wednesday's address. Photo: Marie Cusick.

What will Cuomo's agenda mean for the North Country?

The governor's State of the State address was notably high-energy, and he laid out a lot of proposals that will be playing out over the coming months. Brian Mann is a keen Albany watcher, and he joined Nora Flaherty on the line to talk about the speech and how it might affect the discussion here in the North Country.  Go to full article
Gov. Andrew gave a rousing, multi-media State of the State address.
Gov. Andrew gave a rousing, multi-media State of the State address.

Cuomo plans another ambitious year

Gov. Andrew Cuomo set the agenda for another ambitious year, delivering a rousing, multi-media state of the state speech to the joint legislature today.

Tops on the list: the biggest convention center in the nation, to be built at Aqueduct racetrack in New York City.

He promised another round of round of regional economic development grants too, and $1 billion in incentives for businesses in Buffalo.

He supports an "energy highway" -- a $2 billion private sector plan to transmit power from upstate New York to the metropolitan area. He'd also convert old power plants to reduce pollution and promote solar energy production through a rebate program.

Cuomo wants to make more capital available to farmers, expand the "FreshConnect" farmers' market program, and establish distribution hubs for produce around the state.

The governor put some big ideas on the table along with the specifics. He wants to "re-imagine" state government, with public hearings on mandate relief, a commission to transform of public education and a revamped emergency management system.

Also on the list: campaign finance reform, tax reform, a constitutional amendment allowing non-Native casino gambling, and an Office of New Americans.  Go to full article
Gov. Cuomo delivering his 2011 state of the state message.
Gov. Cuomo delivering his 2011 state of the state message.

Second term priorities expected in State of the State

Governor Cuomo will deliver his second State of the State message today. As Karen DeWitt reports, the governor faces continued budget deficits, and a soft economy as well as a looming redistricting deadline.  Go to full article
PEF President Ken Brynien speaks at the rally held Tuesday at the former Occupy Albany encampment. Photo: Karen DeWitt
PEF President Ken Brynien speaks at the rally held Tuesday at the former Occupy Albany encampment. Photo: Karen DeWitt

State employees' union head says workers have already given enough

With Governor Cuomo scheduled to give his state-of-the-state address Wednesday, advocacy groups rallied in Albany Tuesday, at the site of the former Occupy Albany encampment. They pressed the governor for action on hunger, poverty and health issues.

The state Public Employees Federation was one of the groups there. And as Karen DeWitt reports, that union's president is warning Cuomo not to ask state workers for more givebacks in the state budget.  Go to full article
This is a really dirty fuel from a greenhouse gas standpoint Its a valuable commodity, there is absolutely no incentive to leak that much.

Fracking emissions raise questions about "green" gas

The gas drilling technique known as hydro-fracking has raised fears about water supplies and environmental damage. But as the Innovation Trail's Matt Richmond reports, there's a new conflict about fracking brewing: what effect will emissions from the production process have on global climate change?  Go to full article
We do still have a very secretive way of coming to public policy...I think people expected a more open process.

With first year behind him, state looks ahead to Cuomo's year two

Governor Cuomo achieved a number of goals in his first year as governor. But Cuomo says he doesn't intend to rest easy during the upcoming second year of his term. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has this report.  Go to full article

Cuomo sets up "countdown clock" for new tax changes

Governor Andrew Cuomo has begun a countdown clock to promote his new tax code changes. Cuomo convinced state lawmakers in early December to approve the changes.  Go to full article
The guy re-stocking the cheese was in a very friendly conversation... and I thought, 'Oh, that looks like Cuomo.'

Cuomo back to vacation in Adirondacks

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was back in the Tri-Lakes this week, vacationing in Lake Placid with his daughters and his girlfriend, Food Network star Sandra Lee.

Cuomo was seen buying groceries at the Price Chopper supermarket in Lake Placid on Monday and he and Lee were seen shopping in Saranac Lake Tuesday. The family also skied at Whiteface Mountain Ski Center this week, as confirmed by Jon Lundin, spokesman for the state Olympic Regional Development Authority, which runs the center. Chris Morris reports.  Go to full article
I think the state should be very cautious about trying to drill in 2012.

Hydrofracking review and controversy likely to continue well into 2012

Hydrofracking has been one of the biggest and most controversial issues facing New York this year. That's likely to be true in the coming year too. Governor Cuomo's environmental department is conducting a review process and is likely to begin issuing permits sometime in 2012. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article

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