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Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State address in Albany lst week.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his State of the State address in Albany lst week.

Adirondack Council wants more from Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo is drawing strong reviews for his state of the state address last week, which focused primarily on the economy and job creation. But one prominent environment group in the Adirondacks says the governor's agenda falls short when it comes to green issues.

John Sheehan with the Adirondack Council says the governor should have addressed the deep staff cuts which have hit both the Adirondack Park Agency and the Department of Environmental Conservation. Sheehan spoke on Friday with Susan Arbetter, host of the public radio program Capitol Pressroom.  Go to full article
Without the matching funds, the person who runs against a self-financed candidate would be dead in the water.

Cuomo calls for NYC-style matching-funds campaign finance system

Governor Cuomo called in his State of the State message for public campaign financing reform. He's looking to base campaign financing on a model currently in use in New York City. Proponents, including those who have studied the model as well as public finance systems in other states, believe it can work. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has that story.  Go to full article
Governor Cuomo in the Adirondacks. NCPR file photo
Governor Cuomo in the Adirondacks. NCPR file photo

After Irene, Cuomo calls for revamped state emergency response program

Governor Andrew Cuomo used his state of the state address yesterday to lay out a broad new vision for improving emergency and flood response planning.

The governor called for dozens of flood-control projects to move forward. The plan drew praise from Adirondack leaders still reeling from tropical storm Irene. But as Brian Mann reports, towns say they also need more direct financial aid.  Go to full article
We are driven by the business of education, more than achievement in education.

Mixed response to Cuomo's State-of-State education goals

In his State of the State speech, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a new commission to reevaluate the state's education system. He wants improvements all down the line, from more efficient management, to teacher accountability, to student achievement.

As Karen DeWitt reports, the governor's call is getting a mixed response.  Go to full article
There are elements of political theater to this, sure. But theres an extent to which political theater can matter.

Buffalo looks for details of its billion

While Governor Cuomo's State of the State pledge to spend $1 billion dollars on Buffalo's economic recovery got a big splash, western New Yorkers are looking for details. And some think the money is far from a sure thing. The Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison has more.  Go to full article

State of the State address focus on job creation, accountability, reform

Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered a State of the State message yesterday that focused on job creation...through infrastructure repair, expanded gambling, and energy improvements.

The governor said he'll also take on the education community in his second year in office--and demand greater accountability. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
The Maple Ridge wind farm in Lewis County. Photo: David Chanatry
The Maple Ridge wind farm in Lewis County. Photo: David Chanatry

Cuomo wants $2 billion to modernize power corridor to North Country, Quebec

Governor Cuomo's agenda for the coming year includes more than $20 billion for capital projects aimed at boosting the state's infrastructure.

One of the big ticket items is a $2 billion plan to develop new high tech utility lines designed to feed electricity from producers in the North Country and Quebec to consumers downstate. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article
Behind every mandate is a special interest, and its very hard to know which mandate we can go after and eliminate.

Skepticism as governor says it's time for mandate relief

During his state of the state speech, Governor Andrew Cuomo said it's time the state provided mandate relief to local governments.

This is welcomed news to many in the north country. But some are concerned it could be only a token gesture.

Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article

SOS gives prison system a pass

Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke only briefly about the state's correctional system during his speech yesterday. Last year, his administration mothballed seven prisons, none of them in the North Country. Cuomo called that an important accomplishment. "We closed 3800 prison beds," he said, "because we finally realized prison operation is not economic development."

But the governor didn't call for any further prisons to be closed. After the speech, state Senator Betty Little of Queensbury said she thinks further prisons closures are off the table for now. That's good news for North Country prison towns from Moriah to Ogdensburg that had faced calls for prison downsizing.  Go to full article
Governor Andrew Cuomo during Wednesday's address. Photo: Marie Cusick.
Governor Andrew Cuomo during Wednesday's address. Photo: Marie Cusick.

What will Cuomo's agenda mean for the North Country?

The governor's State of the State address was notably high-energy, and he laid out a lot of proposals that will be playing out over the coming months. Brian Mann is a keen Albany watcher, and he joined Nora Flaherty on the line to talk about the speech and how it might affect the discussion here in the North Country.  Go to full article

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