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Essentially, hes breaking the law...Its not murder, or anything.

Conservative think tank says Cuomo's late financial report illegal

It's been ten days since the mid year financial report was due from Governor Cuomo's budget office. Cuomo says he is waiting until economic uncertainty over the European debt crisis calms down, but some critics say he is violating a state law by delaying the report. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the details:  Go to full article
Lani Ulrich takes helm at APA. Photo: APA
Lani Ulrich takes helm at APA. Photo: APA

Ulrich tapped as first woman to chair Adirondack Park Agency

Governor Andrew Cuomo made history yesterday when he chose Lani Ulrich as the first woman ever to lead the Adirondack Park Agency. The Old Forge resident takes over immediately and will guide the APA as it makes a decision on the controversial Adirondack Club and Resort project in Tupper Lake.

The governor also made history by picking a St. Lawrence County resident to sit on the commission for the first time. Sherman Craig is a woodworker and former teacher from Wanakena. As Brian Mann reports, yesterday's announcement leaves a couple of big unanswered questions.  Go to full article
You cant ask for what people dont have. So deal with the same economic reality the taxpayer has to deal with.

Cuomo calls 2% tax cap a "wake up call" for local governments

We reported Tuesday on Essex County's efforts to stay within Governor Andrew Cuomo's new 2% cap on property tax increases. Since the legislature approved the cap in June, it's been controversial. Some have welcomed it. But several communities, including Massena, have taken steps to override the cap.

Other communities and some lawmakers have taken the state to task for mandating local spending on programs like Medicaid, while limiting local revenue.

Wednesday in an appearance on the public radio program Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter, Cuomo defended the cap--and talked about why he thinks it's an important--but not inescapable--guideline for local governments:  Go to full article

Will Cuomo's popularity tip 2012 races?

Governor Andrew Cuomo endorsed Democratic candidates literally at both ends of the state- in Suffolk County, on Eastern Long Island, and in Erie County, which encompasses Buffalo in Western New York. And both candidates won in Tuesday's elections.

In Albany, Karen DeWitt sifts through the tea leaves of this year's local elections to see what, if anything, they portend for the statewide races in 2012.  Go to full article
We are already for the north country a resounding success going forward...we also want the money.

North Country Economic Council gets ready to submit its plan

The North Country Regional Economic Development Council is sifting through project proposals this week. The projects it chooses will be entered into the state competition for the first round of economic development dollars.

Julie Grant reports that while the priority projects have not been revealed, the North Country plan is getting more specific.  Go to full article

NC Council hears more debate over Rooftop Highway

The North Country Regional Economic Development Council is finishing work on its strategic plan. Late last week, the Council held its first meeting since releasing a draft of the plan. Some people criticized it for being short on details, but one project it did mention specifically is the controversial Rooftop Highway - a proposed interstate that would run from Watertown around to Plattsburgh.

The plan doesn't specifically endorse it, but it does acknowledge the need for improved infrastructure.

John Casserly is with a group called YesEleven. It wants to improve Route 11 - and opposes construction of a new interstate. Casserly told the council that most people don't know what the Rooftop Highway is - even people who would be directly affected by it.  Go to full article
We want to...have the best information possible, because were going to start to make real decisions based on this information.

NY holds off on budget forecast after market uncertainties, flood delays

Governor Cuomo's budget office has delayed releasing its mid-year budget report and future financial forecast. The office is citing uncertainties over the European debt crisis and delays in collection of some business taxes, due to two hurricanes that hit the state in late summer. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
I'd also like to point out that our alumni and our students are occupying Wall Street in a productive way, through employment.

NYS helped and hurt by globalization

A new SUNY report called "New York in the World" asserts that no other state in the nation has seen more benefits -- or suffered more harm -- from globalization. On Friday, the state university hosted the first of six public forums about the issue.  Go to full article
Governor Andrew Cuomo comments on the PEF contract ratification Thursday afternoon. Photo: Karen DeWitt
Governor Andrew Cuomo comments on the PEF contract ratification Thursday afternoon. Photo: Karen DeWitt

PEF Ratifies contract: No layoffs, but a three-year pay freeze

Members of the Public Employees federation ratified a contract that will prevent nearly 3,500 layoffs. Members will make several concessions, including accepting a three year pay freeze. It was a follow-up-vote members had rejected in an earlier version of the contract.

Governor Cuomo says he's "very happy." He credits a more collegial tone in negotiations leading up to the second vote, and has rescinded the layoff notices that would have gone out today.
In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Many questions unanswered as Potsdam Village nears dissolution vote

Next Tuesday, Potsdam village residents will vote on whether to dissolve the village. Potsdam isn't the only village to consider this--Budgets are tight and the state is offering incentives to eliminate layers of government.

Massena's looked into dissolution; and Waddington has decided not to pursue it for the moment. Malone's dissolution study committee met for the first time Wednesday night. Other villages in the region and state are moving through the process as well.

In Potsdam--a village of about 10,000 within a town of about 16,000-- arguments for and against dissolution turn on economic development, public safety, and of course, property taxes--but as Nora Flaherty reports, uncertainty may also play a very big role in how villagers vote:  Go to full article

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