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Cuomo says yes to federal millionaire's tax--no to state tax

A group of unions and advocates for the poor have begun a new push to preserve New York's income tax surcharge on millionaires. But Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's still against taxing the rich, unless it's a federal tax change. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has these details:  Go to full article
Carl McCall in Massena during his 2002 run for governor.
Carl McCall in Massena during his 2002 run for governor.

Cuomo appoints former political rival Carl McCall head of SUNY board

Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday named a previous political rival, the former State Comptroller Carl McCall, as chair of the SUNY Board of Trustees. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article
You can put a cap in place and if you dont change the mandated things all youve done is put all the pressure on the local government.

Massena considers property tax cap over ride

There's a new wrinkle in the budget process for municipalities and school districts across New York. At Gov. Andrew Cuomo's urging this spring, state legislators approved a new 2 percent cap on how much local property taxes can go up in a given fiscal year.

But with expenses rising and revenues flat, counties and towns are weighing the possibility of overriding the cap. As Martha Foley reports, one St. Lawrence County town has reluctantly taken the first step.  Go to full article

Cuomo, Public Employees Federation down to the wire

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state workers union, the Public Employees Federation, are still working on a deal to forge a new contract agreement or face 3500 lay offs. Karen DeWitt reports the situation presents a dilemma for the governor, who might have to make job cuts in a worsening recession.  Go to full article
If we should have an ice storm ... if we should have any number of events that we cannot control, we will be in serious trouble.

County budget strategies falling short

Like other municipalities around the state, St. Lawrence County is figuring out its budget for the coming year. So far its strategies to cope with rising expenses, falling state aid and a new cap on property taxes aren't working out.

Its leaders are cutting positions and programs. But they say they also need more revenue. That's where county leaders seem to be hitting a wall. Julie Grant reports.  Go to full article

Cuomo says communication is still open with PEF, hopes to avoid layoffs

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's still trying to work out his disagreements with the state workers union, the Public Employees Federation, so that there are no layoffs. 3500 pink slips have already gone out after the union rejected an initial contract offer.

Meanwhile, the union has scheduled an executive board meeting for Monday October 17th, two days before the layoffs are scheduled to occur.  Go to full article

Cuomo: State gov changes will save money, protect most vulnerable

Governor Andrew Cuomo and his top aides announced a number of changes that they say will save money, and also help protect what Cuomo says are "the most vulnerable" people the state takes care of: the developmentally disabled living in group homes and other state facilities.

In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the story:  Go to full article

DiNapoli: Wall Street woes could affect whole state

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says Wall Street is having another bad year--and he's saying that could have a negative impact on New York State's budget. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the details.  Go to full article
We dont have any revenue sources that are different than revenue sources that are coming into local government.

Cuomo says no to state takeover of Medicaid

On Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo rebuffed a push by counties and some state lawmakers to have the state choose the local cost of Medicaid. The health insurance program for the poor costs New York about $53-billion dollars a year. Counties pay roughly 15-percent of that. Cuomo says each level of government needs to pay its share.  Go to full article

State-PEF lines of communication "open"

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he is open to shortening a contract with a public labor union to avoid layoffs if more concessions are needed to give the state the savings it needs. At a press conference yesterday, he said he won't negotiate quote "in the newspapers." He made no commitments, but said the "lines of communication are open."  Go to full article

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