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Its governments responsibility to figure out how to communicate with the person.

NY State to offer translation services

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order Thursday saying his website will be translated into six languages--and state agencies will provide free translation services. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has the details.  Go to full article
New York City's "Occupy Wall Street" protests
New York City's "Occupy Wall Street" protests

Cuomo on Occupy Wall Street protestors: Mixed emotions

Talking to reporters Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed admiration and concern about the "occupy wall street" protests. He said he understands the "frustration" of the demonstrators--but admits the state depends on revenues from the financial industry to balance its budget. In Albany, Karen DeWitt has more:  Go to full article

Locals fight for control over hydro-fracking

New York's proposed regulations for the drilling technique known as "hydro-fracking" are currently in the public comment stage. The Department of Envitronmental Conservation has scheduled four public hearings will be held in November, three in the Marcellus shale region and one in New York City.

Environmental groups want more time for comment. And they'd also like public hearings in the Utica Shale area, which may be the next region slated for drilling.

As the state process advances, some communities are moving to make their towns 'off-limits' to the drillers. The "local control" tactic is being watched closely, particularly the Town of Dryden, where a test case is brewing. Our story comes from David Chanatry with the New York Reporting Project at Utica College.  Go to full article
A hydro fracturing tower. (Photo: Innovation Trail)
A hydro fracturing tower. (Photo: Innovation Trail)

Environmental groups want more time for public comment on hydrofracking

Environmental groups continue to ask Governor Cuomo's Administration to extend the public comment period on hydro fracking. On Tuesday, they tried to appeal to the governor himself.

The groups delivered 180 water-powered alarm clocks to Governor Cuomo's office door, as part of their request for more time for the public to comment on proposed rules to allow hydrofracking in New York on some private lands.  Go to full article
If they have tweaks that would come to a different outcome, great, lets talk about them (but they have to be) revenue neutral.

Union leadership hopes for second chance

In Albany, it's the Cuomo Administration vs. the rank and file of the Public Employees Federation. Union leaders hope for another chance on the contract members rejected last week.
Pink slips were sent out to almost 3,500 PEF members last week -- including about 175 here in the North Country. The layoffs begin to take effect in the next three weeks, unless the union and the governor come to a new contract deal soon.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had been hoping for concessions from PEF's membership as the state continues to deal with a $10 billion budget deficit. But the membership rejected a deal similar to one ratified earlier this year by the Civil Service Employees Association.

Friday, Cuomo opened the door to "tweaks" that could avert the layoffs, but as Karen DeWitt reports, he says it's entirely up to the union leadership whether the job cut backs occur or not.  Go to full article
They thought the administration was bluffing, that there wouldn't be layoffs. If that's what they thought, they were mistaken.

Cuomo blames union members for PEF showdown

Dozens of North Country workers are in line for pink slips this week after their union, the Public Employees Federation, rejected a contract deal with New York state.

At least twenty-five people were slated to lose their jobs at the Sunmount Developmental Disabilities Services facility in Tupper Lake.

White collar workers at North Country prisons are also expected to be hit hard.

In an interview today with public radio's Susan Arbetter on the program "Capital Pressroom," Cuomo said he is already moving forward with plans to lay off 3500 state workers.

The governor blamed union members for sparking the confrontation.  Go to full article
Confidence in this state (from) outside has just exploded.

Clinton full of praise for Cuomo, NY

Former President Bill Clinton said confidence in New York has "exploded" as he delivered a pep-talk keynote speech to an economic development conference in Albany today.

The former president was brought to Albany by his former protege, now Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to discuss economic strategies with Cuomo's new regional economic development councils.  Go to full article

Cuomo announces billions for nano chip plants

Gov Cuomo opened the regional economic development conference in Albany yesterday with an announcement of a $4.4 billion dollar investment in high tech chip fabrication plants across upstate New York, and he predicts it will bring nearly 7000 jobs. Karen DeWitt has more:  Go to full article
Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Keene for flood recovery work on Labor Day weekend. (Photo: Brian Mann.)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Keene for flood recovery work on Labor Day weekend. (Photo: Brian Mann.)

Cuomo: Federal storm assistance should go beyond politics

The latest Democrat-Republican stalemate over federal spending has put FEMA disaster assistance funding in jeopardy. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has joined with three other governors in a bipartisan appeal for Congress to put aside "politics", and free up disaster assistance funds for recovery following tropical storms Irene and Lee. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Cuomo still says he'll veto non-independent redistricting plan

Governor Cuomo says he's not changing his position on a threat to veto any legislative and congressional redistricting lines not drawn by an independent commission. But as Karen DeWitt reports, the co-chair of a legislative commission on redistricting remains skeptical that Cuomo will follow through.  Go to full article

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