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News stories tagged with "customs"

Mohawks lose border check-in challenge

A Canadian court has rejected a motion that Akwesasne Mohawks face hardships in reporting to the temporary customs in Cornwall. The Mohawks sought to stop border officers from forcing tribal members to cross a bridge twice to get home. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Zempel now calls this piece her "Homeland Security blanket"  (Source:  Zempel
Zempel now calls this piece her "Homeland Security blanket" (Source: Zempel

Adirondack artist's hour at the border brings fifteen minutes of fame

A New York artist who spends much of each year in the Adirondack town of Keene is making national headlines. Not for her art, but because of an encounter last summer with Homeland Security agents. Jerilea Zempel was crossing into Maine after attending an exhibition in New Brunswick when she was detained for an hour at a border post. Zempel - who describes herself as a "radical" knitter - was questioned about sketches in her artist's notebook. Zempel's experience has since been featured in an Associated Press story, an article in the Plattsburgh newspaper - and on the popular comedy program, the "Colbert Report." She spoke about the experience with Brian Mann.

Postscript: Zempel is looking for a place to display her crocheted SUV cover here in the U.S. She said her "SUV cozy" is "custom made for a Hyundai Santa Fe," but in an email Zempel added, "because it stretches, I bet it would fit more villainous models like Lexuses."  Go to full article

New border rules implemented

People coming over the border from Canada or Mexico now have to provide proof of citizenship. Yesterday, border agents started requiring a passport or military identification card. A state-issued I-D, like a driver's license, will only be accepted with a birth certificate. An oral declaration of citizenship won't be enough to get back across the border. U.S. officials have promised a grace period, and said agents will hand out informational fliers. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Local Voices Oppose Checkpoint

The federal government is considering a permanent, 24-hour checkpoint on the Northway - near a controversial temporary stop in North Hudson. Area legislators and business leaders are lining up in opposition. A statement from Congressman John Sweeney simply calls it "wrong." Gregory Warner called Plattsburgh for a local reaction.  Go to full article

Border Security Could Mean Travel Delays

With the war against Iraq now underway, officials in the U-S and Canada have tightened border security. Some truckers and travelers have reported travel delays, but as Brian Mann reports, customs officials north of Plattsburgh say they're adding staff to help keep traffic moving.  Go to full article

Feds Fall Short of Animal Disease Warnings

A recent report finds that the U-S Department of Agriculture needs to work more closely with Customs inspectors in order to stop foreign animal diseases from hurting livestock in the U-S. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lester Graham reports.  Go to full article

Border Town Residents Assess the New Security Deal

Following new border agreements between the U.S. and Canada, we visit border towns between New York and Quebec, where there's both approval and concern. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Border Security Pact Controversial in Canada

Canadian and American officials signed an agreement Wednesday to increase border security while protecting the free flow of goods. The deal calls for the creation of a "smart border", in which high-tech screening could ease the passage of low-risk travellers while snagging suspected criminals. But US officials have made an additional request that's causing controversy in Canada. As Karen Kelly reports, they want to place armed border guards on Canadian soil.  Go to full article

Canada Crossing Upgrade Funding Increased

Another $500,000 has been added to the funding pot created for upgrades to the international border crossing at the Champlain Port of Entry, thanks to the efforts of Congressman John McHugh. He says the money will go a long way in creating a safer border crossing.  Go to full article

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