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News stories tagged with "dan-berggren"

Preview: Dan Berggren's 12th Album, Fresh Territory

Adirondack folksinger Dan Berggren says a good way to begin reversing the global warming trend is to start global cooling. In other words, to start doing more with renewable energy sources. His twelfth album, Fresh Territory, has a message of raising environmental awareness. Todd Moe has a preview.  Go to full article

A Tribute to Folksinger Pete Seeger on His 85th Birthday

Folksinger and activist Pete Seeger is 85 today--a lot of years and a lot of music and dedication to causes near and far. Adirondack folksinger Dan Berggren has this tribute.  Go to full article

Preview: Dan Berggren in Concert

Adirondack musician Dan Berggren will be in concert tonight at the Newcomb Visitor Interpretation Center with songs from his newest cd One with the Water. He'll also visit Canton Tuesday night for a concert at St. Lawrence University. Dan has been writing, singing and recording folk music about the region's wilderness since the 1960's. Todd Moe talks with Dan about life as an Adirondack balladeer.  Go to full article

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