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(photo: Nina Schoch)
(photo: Nina Schoch)

Loon populations increasing in Adirondacks

The call of the loon in the Adirondacks might be heard more these days. Data collected by the Adirondack Loon Conservation Program show loon populations have increased and stabilized over the last eight years. Todd Moe talks with loon biologist Nina Schoch, who says loons are regularly spotted on 75% of the lakes in the region where the birds have been counted since 2001. She attributes part of their rebound to a recovery from the impacts of the pesticide DDT.  Go to full article

Keeping an eye on eagles

The bald eagle came close to extinction before strong measures were taken to help pull it back. The eagle was protected by the Endangered Species Act for 40 years. And the government banned toxic compounds such as DDT that caused damage to the eagles' eggs. Bob Allen caught up with researchers who are monitoring the health of the birds. They're finding the birds are still being exposed to toxic chemicals.  Go to full article

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