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News stories tagged with "debt"

Owens attacks Medicare privatization

North Country Congressman Bill Owens lashed out at Republicans' plan to reduce the federal deficit while backing President Obama's. Speaking in a telephone town hall meeting Thursday, the Democrat from Plattsburgh attacked House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan's deficit reduction plan. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Comptroller says the late budget is on shaky ground

New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says the state budget is based on shaky fiscal assumptions, and warns there could be another another mid year deficit if it isn't fixed. And a new poll from the Siena College Research Institute shows the more than three months late state budget is likely to have some political fallout. Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article

In Albany, bracing for a $1 billion no show

Senate Democrats released bills to address two major concerns of Governor David Paterson. As Karen DeWitt reports, lawmakers say they might approve them as early as Wednesday.  Go to full article
Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh) says "war bond" style program could cut deficits (File photo)
Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh) says "war bond" style program could cut deficits (File photo)

Owens: "war bond" style savings campaign needed to cut national debt

The Federal debt in the United States is close to $13 trillion. Now North Country congressman Bill Owens is proposing new legislation that he says would declare a "war" on Federal deficits. As Brian Mann reports, Owens says the first step is to try to bring more of that debt home.  Go to full article

Hacketts forced towards bankruptcy

Six national clothing and sporting goods companies are trying to force a North Country department store into bankruptcy. The creditors say Hacketts department store owes them $1.6 million. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Home foreclosure worries grow in North Country

The North Country has managed to dodge the worst parts of the home-mortgage crisis that has devastated the country's economy. Foreclosures in this region haven't spiked as they have in other parts of the country. But some real estate experts say the souring economy and the growing number of lay-offs has begun to hit more homeowners. Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

NY lawmakers urged to focus on state debt

A budget watch dog group says before the legislature returns later this year to perhaps vote themselves a pay raise, they should do something about the state's debt, which is set to hit $50 billion dollars before the end of the year. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

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