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Karen DeWitt
Karen DeWitt

Albany set to get back to work on budget

New York's Assembly and Senate are due back in Albany to pick up budget negotiations where they left off for their Passover/Easter vacation. But where was that? Who's got what proposal on the table? And what's the timeline now that the April first deadline has gone by? Martha Foley takes up these and other questions with Capitol reporter Karen DeWitt.  Go to full article

Governor cites "severe cash flow difficulties," puts construction, school aid on hold

All construction projects relying on money from New York State are now on hold. It's another repercussion of the state's late budget, and the looming $9-billion budget deficit.

NPR reports the Ft. Drum connector highway is among the hundreds of affected projects. It's unclear if work on the Crown Point Bridge will go ahead as scheduled. The state Dept of Transportation did not return NCPR's phone calls yesterday.

Paterson administration officials said all projects not paid entirely with federal economic stimulus funds will be delayed until the Legislature and the governor agree on a budget. The Governor's order also tells contractors on existing projects the state won't pay for any work after the start of the new fiscal year Thursday. The order exempts projects planned to address so-called "emergency health and safety needs" as certified by the Division of Budget.

The governor also announced a second delay in state school aid payments due today. Karen DeWitt has that story from Albany.  Go to full article
The iron mining days are over in Lyon Mountain
The iron mining days are over in Lyon Mountain

In Lyon Mountain, a rally to save three North Country prisons

More than 200 people rallied yesterday in the American Legion hall in Lyon Mountain. The Clinton County community is fighting to save its state prison, which anchors the local economy. Lyon Mountain Correctional Facility is one of three prisons in the North Country slated for closure next year. As Brian Mann reports, prison guards are hoping to form a united front across the region.

Assemblywoman Addie Russell from Theresa also sent a letter to Governor Paterson this week, urging him to keep the Ogdensburg Correctional Facility open. In her letter, she accused the state Department of Correctional Facility of using "false" claims to justify the closure. According to Russell, maximum security prisons in the state are still overcrowded and too many inmates are being "double-bunked." Russell also argued that Ogendesburg's economy "will be devastated" if the correctional facility closes.  Go to full article

Governor Paterson says critics of his spending plan are "immature"

Governor David Paterson spent much of the day today on the telephone talking with reporters, trying to explain his budget-cutting plan. In a conversation with North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann, Paterson blasted his critics in the legislature and in the public employee unions. According to Paterson, no one has suggested credible alternatives to the deficit reduction plan that he's proposed.  Go to full article

Paterson says they're getting there on the budget

Governor Paterson says he and legislative leaders are now "three quarters" of the way toward agreement on a plan to balance the state's budget, but a meeting with legislative leaders did not reveal many details on a plan that the governor hopes will pass next week. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.  Go to full article

Paterson's cuts could redefine local government, jobs in North Country

As we've heard, New York state faces massive budget deficits that are expected to continue for years. Many of the spending cuts now being debated in Albany would have a direct impact on local governments here in the North Country. In many cases, county employees deliver the health and social service programs funded by New York state. Stephen Acquario is executive director of the New York State Association of Counties. He says people who rely on local governments - for everything from jobs to health care -could see painful reductions in the next year.  Go to full article

Disabilities advocates fear funding cuts

Governor Paterson's deficit reduction plan is facing opposition from many groups who rely on government funding. People with disabilities have been keeping a vigil in Albany since last week to protest proposed cuts. St. Lawrence County NYSARC didn't send anyone to Albany to join in because they couldn't afford it, says Daphne Pickert, the group's executive director. NYSARC provides services to 650 people with disabilities and employs almost 600 people in St. Lawrence County alone. Pickert told David Sommerstein the 10% proposed cuts would leave her with no choice but to cut programs and jobs.  Go to full article

Paterson budget plan still targets tax payments to Adirondacks

Governor David Paterson issued his thirty day budget amendments yesterday. A coalition of Adirondack leaders had been pushing for the Governor to drop plans to cap property taxes on state land inside the blue line. But as Brian Mann reports, state officials seem committed to the idea of cutting payments to Park communities.  Go to full article

Paterson calls lawmakers back to tackle deficit

Saying it's time for New York to cut up it's credit cards, Governor David Paterson says he'll be issuing a plan to downsize the state budget, and will call the legislature back into session in August to approve it. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Congress Proposes Severe Cuts for Public Broadcasting

Martha Foley talks with NCPR's general Manager, Ellen Rocco, about the latest news regarding 45% cuts to public radio and TV proposed in a U.S. House committee.  Go to full article

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