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News stories tagged with "depression"

Book review: "Up on a Hill and Thereabouts"

During the depression, how did a single mom with two kids support herself in a rural Adirondack community? Gloria Stubing Rist grew up on Chilson Hill near Ticonderoga at a time when a spare penny was hard to come by. Betsy Kepes reviews Up on a Hill and Thereabouts.  Go to full article

The Great Depression and green jobs

Throughout this year of "great recession," people are looking back to how this country rose to the challenges of the Great Depression. You can find stories shared by North Country elders in our Common Wealth, Common Wisdom series at Last night, PBS began airing a series of documentaries from American Experience called The 1930s. One of the programs looks back at an iconic public works policy with its roots deep in the New York State conservation movement, the civilian conservation corps. Nationwide, the CCC worked on soil conservation projects, built 3,000 state parks, and replanted forests. The men in the CCC planted three billion trees--that's estimated to be half of the trees ever planted by humans in the U.S. Lester Graham has more.  Go to full article

Commentary: Paul Hetzler

It's not a good time of the year for everyone. The days are short. Dwindling light can trigger a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. But SAD doesn't say it all about depression, now or at any time of year. Commentator Paul Hetzler speaks from experience.  Go to full article
Krista, with North Country Adolescent Outreach educator Adam Wheeler.
Krista, with North Country Adolescent Outreach educator Adam Wheeler.

Raise Your Voice: A Survivor of Cutting Speaks Out

Some 2 million Americans intentionally injure themselves to cope with emotionally overwhelming feelings or situations. It's often called self-injury, or self-mutilation, or just "cutting". Krista is 15. She started cutting several years ago. She went to the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center twice for her behavior. She now lives in a foster home in Potsdam. Krista has stopped cutting. But like many people with an addiction, recovery is a constant struggle. As a part of our series Raise Your Voice: Stories from North Country Teens, Krista prepared this audio diary. A warning: some listeners, especially young children, may find the subject matter in this story difficult to listen to.  Go to full article

Commentary: A Window on Depression

It's not just the blues. Depression can knock a person flat, for weeks, or months, or longer. Commentator Paul Hetzler knows the darkness well, but has found a thread of light, even there.  Go to full article

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