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State officials say firmly that Commissioner Burke's Monday statements did not indicate Sunmount closure

BREAKING: State officials now say Sunmount NOT to close by 2014

An official with the Office for People with Development Disabilities, Travis Proulx, just spoke with Martha Foley, NCPR's news director, stating firmly that Sunmount is not on any closure lists, including one set for 2014.

We'll have more on this story during All Before Five and again during the 8 O'clock Hour tomorrow, but again, state officials say this unambiguously.

The confusion - and deep anxiety in Tupper Lake - were triggered on Monday when OPWDD Commissioner Courtney Burke was asked directly by WCNY reporter Susan Arbetter whether Sunmount would be closed.

"We are seeking to close all of our developmental centers by the end of 2014," Burke replied.

Her comments were rebroadcast on NCPR's newcasts, triggering a wave of anxiety in the village, which relies on Sunmount for employment. This from the Adirondack Daily Enterprise:

[Village mayor Mickey Desmarais] said there were people crying as they heard the news of the facility's closure on the radio Tuesday night and this morning.

"I mean, this is a huge wave of panic," Desmarais said.

Again, this is a developing story. Tune in to All Before Five this evening for more details.  Go to full article

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