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News stories tagged with "disabilities"

Chris Waddell, 13-time Paralympic medalist (summer and winter Games) and now a motivational speaker.  Photo via Chris Waddell
Chris Waddell, 13-time Paralympic medalist (summer and winter Games) and now a motivational speaker. Photo via Chris Waddell

Paralympian Chris Waddell brings message of resilience to Lake Placid

The universal experience of challenge and the power of resilience were some of the messages Paralympian Chris Waddell brought to Lake Placid this week. Waddell spoke to students Monday and Tuesday and introduced his documentary, "1 Revolution", last night at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts. The film documents his almost entirely unassisted paraplegic climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in 2009.  Go to full article
Sunmount Developmental Center (Photo:  Brian Mann
Sunmount Developmental Center (Photo: Brian Mann

Community leaders, workers defend Sunmount

Fall-out continues this week from a New York Times article published Monday that described "patterns of abuse" at the Sunmount Developmental Center in Tupper Lake

Sunmount cares for some of the most troubled and vulnerable people with developmental disabilities. The facility is also one of the region's top employers, providing over one thousand jobs.

State officials and disability advocates said the report in the Times makes it clear that reforms are needed but local workers and elected officials said the vast majority of workers at Sunmount are doing a good job, providing safe and supportive care.

Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article
For the disabled, the only way they have in there is by seaplane. They took that right away...

Lawsuit challenges access to Adirondack wilderness for people with disabilities

The state of New York plans to ask a Federal judge to throw out a lawsuit which claims that environmental laws and regulations in the Adirondack Park violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The lawsuit, filed last summer, challenges rules that ban floatplane and motorized access to wilderness areas inside the Blue Line.

But as the plaintiffs look to expand their suit to target more conservation laws, the Attorney General is preparing to ask that the case be dismissed. Chris Morris has details.  Go to full article

Universal design: improving access for people with disabilities

The term "universal design" isn't well known but its principals are all around us. Modern elevators, hallways and doors are all easier to use than they used to be. As the Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison reports, a western New York group has played a key role in making the world more accessible for people with disabilities and everyone else.  Go to full article
How do we help them develop financial literacy? How do they develop skills to balance a check book as they develop a business plan?

Entrepreneurs with disabilities

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is around 50-percent higher than for people without. A program piloted by Syracuse University aims to change that by helping people with disabilities become entrepreneurs. Innovation Trail's Ryan Morden takes us to one of the program's success stories, a taco shop in downtown Syracuse.  Go to full article
Jonathan Kuniholm
Jonathan Kuniholm

Preview: North Country Access 2010 in Clayton

The North Country Access 2010 event gets underway at the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton tomorrow. It's an all-abilities water sports event for those with impaired mobility, sensory limitations and other disabilities. The featured speakers include paralympic skier and track racer Christopher Waddell, who was paralyzed in a 1988 skiing accident, and Jon Kuniholm, a retired Marine who lost part of his right arm to an IED while a soldier in Iraq. Kuniholm is leading research into engineering devices to help disabled people, and a partner in the Open Prosthetics Project, which works to share advances in prosthetics design. He is both a researcher and an end user in developing prosthetic robotic hands. Kuniholm told Todd Moe that prosthetic technology is a field that hasn't changed much in 20 years because of its smaller consumer market.  Go to full article

Disabilities advocates fear funding cuts

Governor Paterson's deficit reduction plan is facing opposition from many groups who rely on government funding. People with disabilities have been keeping a vigil in Albany since last week to protest proposed cuts. St. Lawrence County NYSARC didn't send anyone to Albany to join in because they couldn't afford it, says Daphne Pickert, the group's executive director. NYSARC provides services to 650 people with disabilities and employs almost 600 people in St. Lawrence County alone. Pickert told David Sommerstein the 10% proposed cuts would leave her with no choice but to cut programs and jobs.  Go to full article

Paterson says legislators are like Dracula

Governor David Paterson said Albany lawmakers are like Count Dracula, showing a pleasant face when necessary to citizen advocates only to become bloodsuckers when the sun goes down. Then the Democrat, known for his use of humor, backed off. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Preview: North Country Access 2008

The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton hosts "North Country Access 2008" this weekend. It's an all-abilities water sports event on the St. Lawrence River. Susan Zabriskie, event chair, says children and adults with mobility impairments, sensory limitation or other disabling conditions are invited to fully participate.  Go to full article

Drum benefits: "somebody needs to get story straight"

A day after National Public Radio reported that Fort Drum soldiers were being denied help filling out their disability paperwork, the Army is sending mixed messages. The Department of Veterans Affairs isn't talking. And Congressman John McHugh is still trying to figure out what happened. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

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