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News stories tagged with "doctors"

Dr. John Rugge (Photo: Hudson Headwaters)
Dr. John Rugge (Photo: Hudson Headwaters)

A Fresh Start on Healthcare: "We have no choice but to make fundamental changes"

North Country Public Radio is airing a new series of interviews called "A Fresh Start." We've asked some of the country's most compelling thinkers to make recommendations for president-elect Barack Obama. Healthcare is one of the top items on the national agenda. There are tens of millions of Americans without insurance. Many experts say skyrocketing healthcare costs are crippling the country's industries. Dr. John Rugge is head of the Hudson Headwaters Health Network, based in Glens Falls. He told Brian Mann that the government will have to play a bigger role in healthcare, reinventing the industry and picking up more of the costs.  Go to full article

Doctor shortage limits emergency room hours in Lake Placid

The doctor shortage in the Adirondacks has become so acute that Adirondack Medical Center it may not be able to keep its emergency room in Lake Placid open every night this summer. Volunteer ambulance services that serve rural northwestern Essex County may be asked to reroute patients to hospitals in Saranac Lake, Elizabethtown or Plattsburgh. Jacob Resneck reports.  Go to full article

Consumer Groups Want Hospitals to Expand Doctor Profiles

Consumer groups want the Health Department to expand hospital report cards like the ones issued for cardiac surgery to other types of surgical procedures. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

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