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Johnny Podres honored in Port Henry in 2005 (Photo:  Nancie Battaglia)
Johnny Podres honored in Port Henry in 2005 (Photo: Nancie Battaglia)

Baseball legends remember Adirondack Dodger Johnny Podres

For a few short hours on Thursday, Essex County was the center of the baseball world. Icons of the sport traveled to St. Patrick's church in Port Henry to pay their respects to Johnny Podres. Podres was the son of an Adirondack ore miner who climbed to the pinnacle of major league baseball. He passed away on Sunday after a lengthy illness. As Brian Mann reports, Podres was remembered as a family man, an athlete and a coach.  Go to full article

Native Son, Brooklyn Dodger Won World Series vs. Yanks 50 years ago

Last week, Elizabethtown paid tribute to a native son, former major league pitcher Johnny Podres, the man known for finally bringing the World Series title to Brooklyn. The year was 1955. It was the 7th game of the World Series. The Brooklyn Dodgers faced the Yankees, just as they had 5 times before. The Dodgers had always lost.

But this time, the pitcher was 23 year old Johnny Podres. Newspaper reports say that when the Dodgers won that day, all the 62,000 fans in Yankee stadium gave them a standing ovation. Gregory Warner spoke with Podres. He asked him, while thousands were cheering his team in New York City, how was the reaction in his hometown of Witherbee?  Go to full article

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