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Strong Loonie Draws Canadians South

Last week, the Canadian dollar, or "loonie", equaled the U.S. dollar for the first time since 1976. Some analysts say it could climb even higher. The shift has meant booming business for many stores in the North Country. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article
Shoppers in Merrickville
Shoppers in Merrickville

Merrickville on the downside of the strong loonie

As the gap between a loonie and a buck narrrows, some Canadian businesses that cater to the U.S. trade are noticing fewer customers. It's part the exchange rate, part confusion and new rules at the border. Lucy Martin visited Merrickville, Ontario to learn more.  Go to full article

Why Aren't Americans Taking Advantage of Strong U.S. Dollar in Canada?

The recent bankruptcy of the Ottawa Senators has once again drawn attention to the weak Canadian dollar. Teams say it's tough for them to pay the players' American salaries with Canadian currency, which is worth about 65 cents, American. The exchange rate provides a substantial advantage for others, notably American shoppers. And you'd think they'd be streaming across the border looking for bargains. But they're not, as reporter Karen Kelly found in Ottawa.  Go to full article

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