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A surrounded home in Keene Valley. Photo: Sadie Holbrook.
A surrounded home in Keene Valley. Photo: Sadie Holbrook.

For Ausable River families, painful post-Irene decisions still have to be made

More than five months after tropical storm Irene sent floodwaters surging through the Adirondacks, families and communities still face some tough decisions.

Tomorrow night in the town of Jay, residents will meet with state and Federal officials to talk about a buy-out program that could help people relocate out of the flood plains along the Ausable and Boquet Rivers. The meeting to talk about the flood plain buy out program is scheduled for 7 pm tomorrow night at the Jay town community center in Ausable Forks.

More than sixty families in Essex County have expressed interest in the buy-out. Brian Mann checked in yesterday with Randy Douglas, town supervisor in Jay and head of the county's board of supervisors. Douglas says the number of people considering relocation continues to grow.  Go to full article

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