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News stories tagged with "draft-horse"

Draft Team Logging Lighter on the Land

Throughout the Great Lakes states there is a resurgence of interest in a proven method of logging that is considerably lighter on the land. Today, as in the past, teams of giant workhorses and men are dragging out one log at a time and making it pay... for themselves, for the forest's owners, and possibly for the long-term health of our forests. Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Dan Grossman reports.  Go to full article

Draft Horses and Antique Tractors Till Outside Canton

It's a common sight this time of year in the North Country--tractors with plows and discs breaking up great clods of earth, prepping fields for spring planting. And while most farmers dream of the latest and best farm equipment available, there are some that prefer a slower way of doing things. Last weekend, draft horses and restored tractors plowed a small plot of land just outside Canton. Todd Moe reports.  Go to full article

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