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News stories tagged with "dredging"

Hudson River PCB Dredging Plan Receives EPA Go-Ahead

The Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward with a plan to dredge more than a million pounds of PCBs from the Hudson River. As Brian Mann reports, the official "record of decision" does not include controversial performance standards demanded by General Electric.  Go to full article

Reynolds PCB Dredging Completed

Workers have finished dredging PCBs for the winter from the St. Lawrence River near the former Reynolds plant. David Sommerstein talks with the project's director to see if the dredging was a success.  Go to full article

EPA Staff Meets with Environmental Groups on Hudson River PCB Cleanup

Environmental groups met Tuesday with top staff at the EPA to discuss a clean-up of the Hudson River. The talks follow earlier closed-door sessions between the agency and GE. As Brian Mann reports, clean up supporters worry that the project could be derailed.  Go to full article

Lobbying Delays Hudson River PCB Cleanup

Lobbying continues in Washington DC over the Hudson River PCB cleanup. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

PCB Dredging at Alcoa/Reynolds in Massena

Cleaning up a river bottom--The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly reports on the challenges of dredging PCBs form the St. Lawrence river at the former Reynolds plant near Massena.  Go to full article

People: PCB Dredging Project Manager Anne Kelly

David Sommerstein talks with EPA Project Manager Anne Kelly to get an update on dredging of PCBs at the former Reynolds plant near Massena.  Go to full article

EPA Decides to Proceed with Upper Hudson PCB Dredging Plan

Brian Mann talks with Martha Foley, giving an update on the EPA's decision to dredge PCBs from the Hudson River.  Go to full article

Pro-Dredging Groups Dismayed by Possible EPA Scaleback

Pro-dredging groups are dismayed over word that there may be a compromised, scaled-down dredging plan in the works for PCB pollution in the Upper Hudson River by General Electric. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

EPA May Downsize Hudson PCB Dredging

A final decision isn't due until September, but there are growing signs that Environmental Protection Agency will downsize its plan to dredge PCBs from the Hudson River. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

EPA Puts Off Dredging Decision

The EPA has put off its decision on dredging the Hudson River. The EPA blames a mountain of public comment for the delay. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

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