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Commentary: all that stuff on eBay

In his continuous search for extra cash, commentator Tom French has recently taken to selling things on eBay.  Go to full article
Chuck Wright's Recycled Computer Clocks
Chuck Wright's Recycled Computer Clocks

Disability Matters: An Online Love Story

All this year we're reporting on people with disabilities in our series, Disability Matters. For so many of the people we've met, their computer has had a transforming affect on their lives. Studies support this: people with disabilities spend much more time on the internet than non-disabled people do. And they're far more likely to say that the internet has significantly improved their quality of life, kept them informed and connected to the outside world.
But people with disabilities are also less likely to be able to afford a computer. And currently, New York State will not pay for a computer unless specifically work or school-related. That wouldn't have helped Chuck Wright and Maureen Norcross.
Theirs a sort of online love story. They fell in love on a disability chatroom. Now they're together on eBay, as well. He makes clocks out of recycled computer parts, she carves and paints wood. They're part of a workshop at the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce called the Northern Adirondack Trading Cooperative. The Cooperative is a finalist for a global award for microenterprise initiatives. This Saturday, the group is heading down to New York City for one of the largest one-day street fairs in the country.  Go to full article
DANC's telecommunications network
DANC's telecommunications network

North Country E-Commerce Plugging In

Construction is underway on a 450 mile network of high-speed fiberoptic lines to link towns in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and Lewis Counties. Also, Senator Hillary Clinton will visit Clarkson University Labor Day weekend to announce the expansion of another e-commerce program. The Northern Adirondack Trading Cooperative helps local businesses market and sell on E-Bay and other Internet sites. Karen St. Hillaire directs the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. She told David Sommerstein the first year of the program was a success.  Go to full article

North Country Businesses Get Lesson In Ebay Sales

16 St. Lawrence County business owners recently spent the day at Ebay University to learn how to sell their products on the largest Internet site for worldwide sales. Jody Tosti has more.  Go to full article

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