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News stories tagged with "eels"

Eels disappear from Lake Ontario

Few species illustrate the consequences of the complex threats to the Great Lakes system as the American eel. Only 50 years ago, the snake-like fish accounted for half the biomass of Lake Ontario. Today, it's all but gone. David Sommerstein reports. (This story was part of The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's series on Ten Threats to the Great Lakes.)  Go to full article
Eels climb the new ladder. Photo: NYPA
Eels climb the new ladder. Photo: NYPA

Eels navigate new "ladder" at Massena power dam

There was encouraging news for eels yesterday. The New York Power Authority opened a new eel ladder to enable the threatened aquatic species to safely climb the Moses-Saunders Power Dam in Massena. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

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