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Eldblom and Johnson's new book
Eldblom and Johnson's new book

A lifelong passion for wild plants

Take a nature walk with Nancy Eldblom and you'll learn that there's much to appreciate beyond landscape and wildlife.For Eldblom, what most of us ignore as just grass or weeds are botanical obsessions. She and colleague Anne Johnson have hiked fields and forests and paddled waterways in St. Lawrence County for decades to document some 1,347 native and alien plants. They're out with a new book, Plants of St. Lawrence County, NY -- An Annotated Checklist of Vascular Flora. Eldbloom says the user-friendly guide to the county's plant life is designed for amateur and professional naturalists alike. Eldblom now lives in California; Johnson, near Waddington. Todd Moe went for a walk with Nancy Eldblom in the meadow and along the pond behind his home. It's a field of green this season, splattered with yellow, white and purple wild flowers.  Go to full article

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