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Cobb Defeats Incumbent Greenwood For St. Lawrence County Legislative Seat

Political newcomer, Tedra Cobb, Democratic candidate for Legislator in St. Lawrence County, unseated longtime Republican incumbent, Jon Greenwood. Cobb attributes her win to voters who crossed party lines and the nearly 900 Independent voters registered in her district.  Go to full article

Election 2002 Assessment

Martha Foley talks with Bob Wells, a Democrat, Professor of Government at St. Lawrence University and Mayor of Canton for an assessment of last night's elections.  Go to full article

Gubernatorial Candidates Spend Final Day Campaigning

The candidates for governor of New York spent the last day of the campaign, engaged in a flurry of visits in many parts of the state, in their eleventh hour attempt to get supporters out to the polls. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Commentary: Voter Participation

New York makes an effort to enroll low-income voters. But many never go to the polls. Commentator Jill Vaughan says it's the issues that are out of reach, not the polling places.  Go to full article

Regional Political Round-up

North Country voters head to the polls tomorrow on Election Day. Martha Foley talks with reporters David Sommerstein and Brian Mann about local and regional races.  Go to full article

Golisano Still in the Race for

Independence Party candidate Tom Golisano is staying in the governor's race. Golisano ended speculation that he might drop out with a paid advertisement on Sunday night. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article

Gubernatorial Candidates Spend Final Day on the Campaign Trail

With just one day until voters go to the polls, the candidates for governor of New York are fine tuning for last minute strategies, and urging supporters to get out and vote for them on Election Day. Karen Dewitt reports.  Go to full article
Jeff Graham tends bar and fields political calls.
Jeff Graham tends bar and fields political calls.

Where's the "Demos" in Democracy?

If choice at the ballot box is the foundation of a vigorous democracy, New York State doesn't look too healthy. None of New York's 29 congressional representatives face a competitive challenge. More than 95% of state legislators are expected to win re-election. In the North Country, only 2 of the 7 regional races for state office are close. If democracy is about choosing the best person to govern on our behalf, what happened to that choice? David Sommerstein asks around.  Go to full article
The Golden Age of politics.
The Golden Age of politics.

Many Who Vote Say The Thrill Is Gone

As North Country voters go to the polls Tuesday, many say they're not hearing about the issues that matter in their lives. Brian Mann contrasts our slick, modern campaigns with New York's golden age of political barnstorming.  Go to full article

The Gubernatorial Candidates Respond to the State's Budget Woes

Although most experts believe that the state is facing a budget crisis next year. Few of the candidates for governor have said much of how they would deal with the problem. Reporter Karen Dewitt take a look at what the top three candidate have revealed about how they'll deal with the fiscal problem that many think could be second only to the crisis of the 1970's.  Go to full article

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