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Rep. Gibson accompanied President Obama to Schenectady on Friday (Source:  White House)
Rep. Gibson accompanied President Obama to Schenectady on Friday (Source: White House)

Rep. Gibson raises profile in Washington

It was a big week for Congressman Chris Gibson, the freshman Republican from Kinderhook who represents the 20th congressional district. The former Army Colonel traveled Friday with President Obama on a high profile trip to Schenectady and then was profiled on one of the big Sunday morning political shows. Martha Foley has details.  Go to full article
Progressive activists rally Friday (Source:  Progressive Coalition of Northern New York)
Progressive activists rally Friday (Source: Progressive Coalition of Northern New York)

New progressive group tackles campaign finance reform

During last year's mid-term election, newly-formed tea party groups played a huge role. They helped elect Republican congressman Chris Gibson in the 20th district.

They also contributed to a bitter and divisive rift among conservatives in the 23rd district, opening the door to a win by Democrat Bill Owens.

Now a new political group is forming, hoping to wield similar influence on the left. Brian Mann attended a rally in Saranac Lake on Friday afternoon and has our story.  Go to full article
I know its hard for people to quite grasp this. Were willing to work with anybody, of either party, in either house.

Democratic splinter group declares independence

The four Democrats who formed their own independent conference in the Senate have gained few friends in the first week of their existence, but they say, that's not the point of the splinter group.  Go to full article

What's ahead for the new mix in Albany

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is wasting no time. From a wage freeze for public employees, to mandate relief and a property tax cap, he's moved on many of key campaign themes in just his first week in office.

He's also got a new/old legislature to work with. A Republican majority in the state Senate, but a familiar and powerful face at the head of the Assembly: Speaker Sheldon Silver. Susan Arbetter, host of WCNY's capitol Pressroom, is one of the Albany-based journalists who's watching all this closely. Martha Foley talked with her about the changing dynamic.  Go to full article

Aubertine gets ag commissioner nod

Governor Andrew Cuomo is nominating a North Country farmer and former state senator to be the state's next agriculture commissioner.

Darrel Aubertine, a Democrat from Cape Vincent in Jefferson County, must be confirmed by the Republican-led Senate. The state Farm Bureau supports the nomination.

In November, Aubertine lost his re-election bid to represent the 48th district to Republican Patty Ritchie. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

Ethics reform a "black and white" issue for Cuomo

New York's new governor, Andrew Cuomo, campaigned on a pledge to clean up Albany. State government has been plagued by scandals and investigations, from "troopergate" which saw theft of services charges against the former Senate Majority leader Joe Bruno, to charges brought against former comptroller Alan Hevesi.

Cuomo drew applause when he repeated his pledge of ethics reform during his State of the State speech Wednesday. Karen DeWitt has more.  Go to full article
I think my colleagues on the other side will have to interact with one another to reach a consensus for where theyre going.

Owens predicts vigorous discussion of GOP agenda

The 112th Congress was sworn in this week. Republican John Boehner was elected speaker of the new Republican majority, taking the gavel from Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Tops on the GOP agenda is repeal of health care reform passed last year, and targeted spending cuts as the budget process ramps up.

North Country Congressman Bill Owens was among the Democrats who survived November's election. He defeated Alexandria Bay Republican Matt Doheny to win his first full-term representing New York's 23rd Congressional District. Owens says the attempt to repeal health care is a mistake, though changes are needed. He expects vigorous discussion of the GOP's other priorities as well, but he sees hope for more bipartisanship in the House. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
Governor Cuomo delivering the 2011 State of the State Address
Governor Cuomo delivering the 2011 State of the State Address

Cuomo calls for "fundamental realignment"

New Gov. Andrew Cuomo says one thing is clear: New York spends too much. During his State of the State speech, Cuomo mapped out a short term, crisis management plan, as well as a quote - fundamental realignment - to take the state into the future. He said the state also gets too little back: "no more blank checks," he said.

Cuomo broke with tradition, delivering his speech in a cavernous convention hall instead of the smaller ornate legislative chamber. The big space allowed a bigger crowd, many of them average citizens chosen by lottery.
Karen DeWitt has our report:  Go to full article

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo: State of the State Address

Incoming NY Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his first State of the State Address in Albany today. His 48-minute address focused upon the difficult decisions needed to close a huge deficit, and the effort needed to restore confidence in the ability of Albany to govern. His complete speech can be heard below.  Go to full article
Sen. Sampson has failed to move forward a legislative agenda that New Yorkers care about.

Four Dems split from Senate leadership

The Senate Democratic conference, now in the minority in that house, just got four seats smaller. As Karen DeWitt reports, a new faction of Democrats says Senator John Sampson has "failed" as leader, and announced they are forming their own independent Democratic caucus.  Go to full article

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