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Rupert River diversion was a massive industrial project rooted in Quebec's wilderness (Photo:  Brian Mann)
Rupert River diversion was a massive industrial project rooted in Quebec's wilderness (Photo: Brian Mann)

As Northeast looks to Hydro Quebec for power, thorny environmental questions remain

Northeast states are increasingly looking to Canada to meet a growing demand for low cost hydro electricity from renewable sources.

But the energy imports are stirring controversy. In northern New Hampshire, local activists are fighting a power line that would send the electricity south. And questions are being raised about whether big hydro is really green.

As part of a collaboration of Northeast stations John Dillon of Vermont Public Radio reports.

Northeast environmental reporting is made possible, in part, by a grant from United Technologies. Northeast environmental coverage is part of NPR's Local News Initiative.  Go to full article
The Rupert River before it was diverted by Hydro Quebec
The Rupert River before it was diverted by Hydro Quebec

Story 2.0: Power for the US, a changed river for the Cree

As we've been hearing in John Dillon's report, there is a debate raging over the future of Hydro Quebec's power projects and their impact on the environment.

Brian Mann has traveled repeatedly to Cree Crounty in northern Quebec, talking with local leaders about the way industrial power projects are changing their villages and the landscape.

This morning as part of our series Story 2.0, we'll revisit his report from 2007.  Go to full article
This technology results in savings of about 70% of carbon dioxide emissions.

Powering the power grid

Managing the power grid is a balancing act. As we flip on our coffee makers and turn on hairdryers, the grid is reacting, breathing harder, so to speak, to keep up with our demand. A facility in upstate New York is using battery power to make balancing the grid more efficient. Emma Jacobs has more for the Innovation Trail.  Go to full article

Municipal power collaboration moves ahead

Municipal power advocates in St. Lawrence and Franklin counties took a big step over the weekend. But they have a lot more work to do to create a new not-for-profit power company.

Governor Paterson signed a bill creating the North Country Power Authority on Saturday. It paves the way for 24 towns and villages in St. Lawrence and Franklin counties to buy the lines, poles, and substations from National Grid. Robert Best, president of the Alliance for Municipal Power, estimates that will cost $50 million. But he told David Sommerstein municipalized electricity from Gouverneur to Fort Covington is far from a done deal.  Go to full article

Heat wave pressures power grid, and takes a toll on people

The East has been roasting. The likelihood of just mid-80s tomorrow sounds downright delectable after four days of a steamy heat wave.

The National Weather Service forecasts less brutal heat throughout the region, though it's still likely to be uncomfortably humid.

As the heat and humidity of this "Bermuda high" continue, so does the heat warning from the weather service. Today's warning remains in effect until 8 tonight. As Jonathan Brown reports, the hot spell is taking a toll.  Go to full article

Wolfe Island bird kills raise wind power concerns

A recent study of bird and bat mortality at Wolfe Island's 82-turbine wind farm is raising concerns among environmentalists. Wolfe Island is Canadian territory, located where Lake Ontario empties into the St. Lawrence River. The report found 600 birds and more than a thousand bats were killed by the windmill blades in a six month period. Nature Canada called the numbers "shockingly high." Ornithologist Bill Evans says the real question is which species of birds died. Evans directs Old Bird, Inc. in Ithaca and has consulted for both wind power companies and environmental groups. He told David Sommerstein Wolfe Island is a designated important bird area, so ornithologists predicted high fatalities. Evans says the number of hawks, owls, and other raptors was the most alarming.  Go to full article

North Country Power Authority bill passes Assembly

A bill paving the way for a municipally owned power company in St. Lawrence and Franklin counties passed the state Assembly yesterday. The bill to create the North Country Power Authority has already passed the state Senate. Robert Best of the Alliance for Municipal Power has been working on the project for almost 20 years. He expects Governor Paterson to sgn the bill into law soon. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

North Country Power Authority bill clears major hurdle

A bill allowing a group of North Country towns to form their own municipal power company cleared the Assembly Ways and Means Committee on Friday. It has already passed in the Senate. A floor vote before the full Assembly is expected as early as today. If it passes, two dozen towns in St Lawrence and Franklin counties will begin to buy power lines and substations from National Grid. The Alliance for Municipal Power is leading the effort. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

AMP makes final push for municipal power

Municipal power advocates are in Albany making a final push for a new North Country authority. The bill would be the first real step toward two dozen towns in St. Lawrence and Franklin counties starting a not-for-profit electric company. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Power For Jobs passes Senate

A bill that would make the popular Power for Jobs program permanent has passed the State Senate. The program offers low-cost electricity to companies in exchange for hitting job retention or creation benchmarks. A companion bill in the Assembly close to passage. North Country Democrat Darrel Aubertine is the Senate bill's sponsor. He says it currently protects 250,000 jobs statewide. Todd Moe has more.  Go to full article

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