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Governor Spitzer's State of the State address

Governor Eliot Spitzer delivered his first State of the State address, entitled One New York, to a joint session of the New York State Legislature at 1 pm today.  Go to full article

Clinton and Spitzer Call for Hearings on Bush Mercury Plan

45 US Senators, including seven Republicans, and nine Attorneys General asked President Bush last week to withdraw his proposal to regulate mercury emissions from power plants. Hillary Clinton and Elliot Spitzer are now calling for hearings to examine how the Bush Administration developed its proposal, which critics say is not protective of public health. Jody Tosti reports.  Go to full article

McHugh On Clear Skies

Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a formal rule to implement a crucial part of the clear skies plan - called new source review. New York, Vermont and 10 other states immediately sued to block the action, saying that only Congress can make such deep changes to such a bedrock law. Congressman John McHugh is co-sponsor of two bills that would address acid rain. He told Martha Foley he agrees with the states that it should be up to Congress to re-write the clean air rules, not the Bush administration.  Go to full article
Martha Foley talks with A.G. Eliot Spitzer
Martha Foley talks with A.G. Eliot Spitzer

Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in Potsdam

Eliot Spitzer was sworn in as New York Attorney General January 1, 1999. Since then, he has emerged as a crusader of national proportions -- for his investigations of conflict of interest among major Wall Street firms, his lawsuits against acid rain-linked Midwest power plants, and his criticism of the Bush Administration's revisions of Clean Air Act rules on power plant emissions. Spitzer is a Harvard law school graduate who clerked for a federal district judge, worked at private law firms in New York City, and prosecuted orgainzed crime and political corruption cases as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan. He's also a personable family man. It all makes for a nice package that has excited Democrats looking for a gubernatorial candidate for 2006.
And judging from his appearance at the annual St. Lawrence County Democratic Dinner Friday in Potsdam, Spitzer is good at the people-to-people requirements of a political career - meeting and greeting the party's faithful with enthusiasm. he spoke with North Country Public Radio News Director Martha Foley prior to the dinner.  Go to full article

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