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Aaron Reardon behind the counter at Gamer Craze in Canton
Aaron Reardon behind the counter at Gamer Craze in Canton

Canton Gaming store is serious business

NCPR's occasional series on North Country entrepreneurs continues, with Aaron Reardon. Reardon's a young guy, and a hard-nosed businessman. He started his first online business in college, and in June of 2007 he opened a bricks-and-mortar business: A gaming store in Canton called "Gamer Craze."

In the last five years, Gamer Craze has moved to a bigger space, opened and closed a second store in Potsdam, and shifted much of its business from traditional video games to a collectable trading card game called Magic: The Gathering. It's done well, and Reardon's now looking for a bigger space.

Gamer Craze is one of just a few bricks-and-mortar shops in the North Country where players can come to buy what they need and they can play, too: Reardon keeps tables set up for gaming, and sells snacks. As Nora Flaherty found when she talked with Aaron Reardon, much of the store's success has come from making it a place to hang out.  Go to full article

Aaron Reardon explains Magic: The Gathering

In a nutshell, Aaron Reardon, owner of Gamer Craze in Canton, explains what Magic: The Gathering is, exactly.  Go to full article

Gamer Craze: Full interview

A longer version of Nora Flaherty's conversation with Gamer Craze owner Aaron Reardon  Go to full article
Shelene, Liza, Richard and Laura Atkinson
Shelene, Liza, Richard and Laura Atkinson

The Atkinson Family Band: Full interview

Full version of Nora Flaherty's conversation with the Atkinson Family Band  Go to full article
The Thousand Islands divided by the international border ©Google
The Thousand Islands divided by the international border ęGoogle

Canadian fine prompts confusion on the St. Lawrence

There's a lot of confusion today among boaters, fishermen and others in the thousand islands region. This after the State Department said Tuesday that Canadian Border Officials were well within their rights to threaten to seize an American fisherman's boat, and fine him a thousand dollars for fishing in Canadian waters without registering at customs.  Go to full article
Martha Byrne
Martha Byrne

Preview: An Adirondack Affair

Soap opera fans will gather in Long Lake for a meet-and-greet with stars of "As the World Turns" this weekend. "An Adirondack Affair" will also include acting, writing and directing workshops with professionals in the television industry. Todd Moe talks with Emmy-winning actress Martha Byrne, who played Lily Walsh Snyder on As the World Turns about the soap opera business, how it's changed and where it's going.  Go to full article

Raceway seeks new investors

The developers who want to build a NASCAR-style raceway in northern St. Lawrence County are talking with new investors. Last week, a group from the Middle East failed to meet a deadline to bankroll the project. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Sounds of the County Fair

The sights, smells, and sounds of county fairs are classic ingredients of summer. The midway barker beckoning you in to a show. The whip of the wind through your hair on the day-glow roller coaster. And of course, the smell of fried dough and French fries. The St. Lawrence County and Lewis County fairs run this week and through the weekend. David Sommerstein prepared this audio montage from the midway of the St. Lawrence County fair in Gouverneur.  Go to full article

Remembering Arto Monaco

Martha Foley talks with photographer Ben Stichschulte of Keene Valley, a friend of Arto Monaco, about the artist's life work and legacy.  Go to full article
Chris Smutz (L) and Rick Smith show off their dB drag racer.
Chris Smutz (L) and Rick Smith show off their dB drag racer.

World's Loudest Car Stereo

This weekend, two of the North Country's own are in Nashville competing for the distinction of building the world's loudest car stereo at the dB Drag Racing World Finals. The sport has nothing to do with racing, or with music, for that matter. The goal is basically to turn a car into one big resonating audio bomb. Chris Smutz and Rick Smith both work at Northern Music & Video in Potsdam. Last winter they stripped down an old Chevy Astro van, leaving only the engine, dashboard, windshield, roof and doors intact. The rest is subwoofers, batteries, and a resonating chamber, all scientifically arranged to make a low, loud blast. David Sommerstein visited Chris and Rick earlier this week as rain pattered on the roof of their workshop in Hannawa Falls.  Go to full article

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