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A view of the Oswegatchie from the front entrance of the Ranger School.
A view of the Oswegatchie from the front entrance of the Ranger School.

Teaching forestry since its first bloom

The Ranger School in Wanakena celebrates its centennial this year. Since 1912, the school has been a regional campus of the New York State College of Forestry in Syracuse. It's the oldest forest technology school in the country. The centennial celebration officially kicks off this weekend with music, food and alumni gatherings. And a new book, published as part of its centennial, includes the history of the school along with alumni essays and photos.

Todd Moe talks with the school's director, Christopher Westbrook and Brad Woodward, chair of the centennial committee about the book, The Ranger School: A Century in the Forest, and the school's history of training forest rangers in the Adirondacks.  Go to full article

Energy Star falling short?

The federal government's Energy Star program is supposed to highlight products that save you energy and money. Rebecca Williams reports some independent testers found Energy Star might be falling a bit short.  Go to full article

Keeping an eye on eagles

The bald eagle came close to extinction before strong measures were taken to help pull it back. The eagle was protected by the Endangered Species Act for 40 years. And the government banned toxic compounds such as DDT that caused damage to the eagles' eggs. Bob Allen caught up with researchers who are monitoring the health of the birds. They're finding the birds are still being exposed to toxic chemicals.  Go to full article

Road salt damage

Each year about 118,000 people are hurt and 1300 people are killed on the roads during snowy and icy conditions. So, snowplows hit the roads, scraping snow and ice off the surface... and spreading incredible amounts of salt on highways, streets and roads to help keep them clear. Lester Graham reports there's some concern about the long-term effects of all that salt.  Go to full article

EPA Responds to Disparate Water Quality Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency says it's trying to get states around the Great Lakes to use uniform standards to monitor water quality. But the EPA says the fact that different states use different methods doesn't put anyone at risk. More from the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Stephanie Hemphill.  Go to full article

Region's New Governors Face Challenges

New governors from different political parties than their predecessors took over in more than half of the states around the Great Lakes. In most of those states, the governors seat went from Republican to Democrat. Some environmental groups are optimistic that the changes will benefit their causes. But, the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lester Graham spoke with journalists around the region who feel politics and state budgets will slow any change the new governors might want.  Go to full article

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