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News stories tagged with "environment-report"

Rethinking replacement windows

It's a commonplace for people who own older homes--you've got to replace old, wooden windows with modern, energy-efficient ones before cold winds blow again. Each year, more homeowners choose the replacement windows, often made from vinyl or aluminum. But some historical preservationists are challenging those assumptions. They say it makes sense to think twice. Shawn Allee reports.  Go to full article

Road salt damage

Each year about 118,000 people are hurt and 1300 people are killed on the roads during snowy and icy conditions. So, snowplows hit the roads, scraping snow and ice off the surface... and spreading incredible amounts of salt on highways, streets and roads to help keep them clear. Lester Graham reports there's some concern about the long-term effects of all that salt.  Go to full article

Volunteers testing the waters

Most of us assume the government is keeping track of environmental issues such as pollution in water. In reality, most pollution problems are first detected by citizens. Lester Graham reports in some parts of the nation, volunteers step in to make sure their local streams and lakes are clean.  Go to full article

Ten Threats: coastal development pressures

One of the more subtle, but relentless, threats to the Great Lakes is coastal development. Condos, ever larger shoreline homes and buildings and parking lots in the watershed all have an impact. As population grows and the suburbs spread, the health of the lakes is compromised in countless tiny ways. Peter Payette finds those tiny ways all add up.  Go to full article

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