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News stories tagged with "environmental-hub"

Good and bad of dam removals

Water powered the first industries in the northeast. But damming rivers to produce that power has consequences -- walling off rivers and stopping fish from migrating upstream. In recent years more than 20 dams have been knocked down in the Northeast. This month marks the ten-year anniversary of one of the first to come down: the Edwards Dam in Augusta, Maine. As part of a collaboration with northeast stations, Susan Sharon reports there are tradeoffs to dam removal, too, especially in an era of climate change.  Go to full article

Greenhouse gas credits go to auction

A coalition of 10 northeastern states holds the nation's first sale of pollution credits aimed at curbing global warming today. It's actually an auction for the right to release carbon dioxide. The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI [Reggie], runs the sale. Its goal: to cut the region's carbon pollution by 10% over about a decade. The idea is to make electric power companies buy permits to emit carbon dioxide, which causes global warming. But even supporters of the plan say it's not ambitious enough. As part of a collaboration with Northeast stations, Sacha Pfeiffer of WBUR in Boston reports.  Go to full article

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