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Nigel Mumford healing. Photo: Susan Collins
Nigel Mumford healing. Photo: Susan Collins

Faith and healing in a North Country church

Every week in churches across the North Country, people gather to pray for miracles. The idea that faith can heal broken bodies and cure disease isn't just found in evangelical congregations. More main-line Protestants -- and even some physicians -- are experimenting with prayer as a form of therapy. Brian Mann attended a healing session at an Episcopal Church in Saranac Lake.  Go to full article

Hurricane Help Heads South

The Episcopal Church in Saranac Lake has found its match. Volunteers from St. Luke's are busy packing emergency and relief supplies for their adopted town of Laurel, Mississippi. About noon today, they'll head south. Ann Morgan is one of the local parishioners who's been organizing the effort. She spoke with Martha Foley. (St. Luke's: 518-891-3605)  Go to full article

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