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Book Review: "Out of the Blue, Blueline Essays 1979-1989"

Is there such a thing as a literature of the Adirondacks? Alice Wolf Gilborn explored this idea in her essays in Blueline, a literary periodical she founded and edited in the 1980s. Our book reviewer, Betsy Kepes, read her new collection: Out of the Blue, Blueline Essays 1979-1989.  Go to full article
<em>Short Carries</em> by Elizabeth Folwell
Short Carries by Elizabeth Folwell

Folwell chronicles her Adirondack life, one vignette at a time

For thirty-nine years, Adirondack Life magazine has chronicled the Park's history and culture. For half of that time, Betsy Folwell from Blue Mountain has been one of the magazine's leading writers and editors. Folwell's new collection of essays is called Short Carries. It offers a kind of public journal, written by one of the Adirondacks' keenest observers. Folwell, now creative director at Adirondack Life, sat down last week to talk with Brian Mann.  Go to full article

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