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News stories tagged with "europe"

Turtle Numbers Down; Trapping Banned

Many Great Lakes states are taking steps to protect turtles. There's a big demand for turtles in Asia and Europe. But too much trapping can damage wild turtle populations. As a result, states are placing bans or restrictions on turtle trapping. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Dan Gunderson reports.  Go to full article

People: Alexei Boulokhov, Our Man in Cannes

A St. Lawrence University student begins his summer travels with an internship at the Cannes Film Festival. Alexei Boulokhov, who was born in Russia, also plans to spend the summer traveling through eastern Europe and visiting family in Russia before returning for his final year at St. Lawrence. He's been awarded a fellowship to work on a documentary video in Europe that will focus on gay teens. Todd Moe spoke with Alexei about his summer trek and the Cannes Film Festival.  Go to full article

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