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River advocates stay vigilant against Seaway expansion

Yesterday, we heard St. Lawrence Seaway Chief Terry Johnson say that expanding the locks and channels of the St. Lawrence Seaway is "off the table". He also said this in person this week to the St. Lawrence River's biggest environmental advocate, Save The River. It was Johnson's first visit to the group's Clayton offices since being appointed three years ago. Jennifer Caddick is Save the River's executive director. She told David Sommerstein the Seaway chief made a new distinction in their hour and a half meeting on Monday.  Go to full article
U.S. Seaway Administrator, Terry Johnson, with a picture of the St. Lawrence River in the background.
U.S. Seaway Administrator, Terry Johnson, with a picture of the St. Lawrence River in the background.

Seaway Chief: No expansion, no winter navigation

The head of the St. Lawrence Seaway is doing a blitz through the North Country. U.S. Administrator Terry Johnson met with local media. And yesterday he visited the offices of Save The River in Clayton for the first time since being appointed three years ago. The environmental group has often been at odds with the agency that runs the shipping lanes that link the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. Johnson says he was disturbed by questions over Seaway expansion during the 23rd Congressional race. He says he wants to set the record straight: digging deeper channels in the St. Lawrence River is off the table. "It's a non-issue," Johnson says. "It's just not gonna happen." Yesterday, Johnson spoke with David Sommerstein at Seaway headquarters in Massena. Later this week, we'll hear their conversation about the economics of the Seaway and why traffic has dropped off over the years. Today, Johnson talks about invasive species, shipping during springtime icy conditions, and the history of mistrust many North Country residents have toward the Seaway.  Go to full article

Bush budget benefits Seaway, not River

President Bush's executive budget brought good news to the St. Lawrence Seaway. The plan would almost double the Seaway's budget. But shippers and environmentalists say the spending plan leaves the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River themselves on thin ice. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Canada's Seaway Chief Steers Away From Expansion

The head of the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada says expanding the waterway's locks and channels is off the table, at least for 20 years. He made the remarks at a maritime industry conference in Toronto this week. As David Sommerstein reports, a local group praised the comments, but still has some concerns.  Go to full article

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