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Faith Healing, Under the Tent

It's tent revival season in the North Country. Gregory Warner stopped by one tent off the Lake Ozonia Road. It was operated by the Christian Camp Ozonia. He watched a faith healer at work. And then he followed up...  Go to full article

Evolution debate alive in Chazy theater

Elections for the Kansas state board of education this week centered on a furious debate over evolution, Darwinism, and biblical creationism. The fight over science and faith continues to rage in America. This weekend at the Chazy Central Rural School, a local theater company will stage a production of Inherit the Wind. Brian Mann spoke with director Andrew LaFontaine. He says the debate over Darwin's theory has proved much more enduring than the play's authors expected.  Go to full article
<i>God of Vengence</i> by Scholem Asch
God of Vengence by Scholem Asch

Controversial Classic Yiddish Play on Stage in Montreal

A yiddish play that once landed its producer and cast in court on obscenity charges is being staged in Montreal. Scholem Asch wrote God of Vengence in 1907. It's a dark tale about a Jewish brothel owner whose one dream is to marry off his daughter to a rabbi's son. But those dreams are thwarted when the daughter falls in love with one of his prostitutes and is stolen away by a rival pimp. Upon reading the manuscript, the Yiddish literary lion I.J. Peretz is purported to have screamed, "Burn it Asch, Burn it!," so controversial was the play's subject matter.

The play was an instant classic on the Yiddish scene, but it caused a scandal 15 years later when it was translated into English and put on Broadway. Leading rabbis decried the lesbian-love storyline as anti-semitic, and an on-stage smooch between two girls got the cast dragged into court and convicted of performing "an obscene and immoral play."

You can see God of Vengence in the original Yiddish - with English and French subtitles - at the Leonor and Alvin Segal Theatre, 5170 Cote Ste. Catherine Rd., Montreal until June 22. Box Office: (514) 739-7944. Actress Cheryl Blum told Gregory Warner that their audiences don't always realize what they're getting into.  Go to full article

Heard up North: The Ladies of Grace Episcopal Church

Memorial Day brought families and neighbors together for a traditional program of remembrance and commemoration. Gregory Warner stopped by the VFW post in Canton after the parade. The ladies of Grace Episcopal Church were there, sharing a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies along with their day. Barbara Todd is today's heard up North.  Go to full article

Heard up North: New Consolidated Catholic School in Plattsburgh

It's catholic school week across the nation. Plattsburgh's St. John's Academy is celebrating with movie night, pajama parties, and of course, bingo... But there's a note of sadness over the event. St John's is closing after this year. So is St. Peter's Academy a few blocks away. In their place a new school will open, Seton Academy, serving students from four major parishes around the Plattsburgh region, as well as a number of smaller parishes. It's a move that's been talked about for years. Other north country Catholic schools have closed in recent years in Tupper Lake and Morrisonville.

Sister Brian Marie Latour will be the new school's principal. She's been lead administrator at Catholic Schools in Tupper Lake, Brasher Falls, and she grew up in Saranac Lake. Sister Brian Marie says Catholic education has a long tradition in the region.  Go to full article
Rev. David Weissbard
Rev. David Weissbard

SLU's Last Theological Graduate

St. Lawrence University in Canton is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Many people don't know it was originally chartered as a theological school to train ministers for the Universalist faith. The last Master of Divinity degree was conferred upon the Reverend David Weissbard in 1962. Weissbard is the founder of the Chautaqua Society for Peace and Justice at the Chautaqua Institute in western New York. He's on campus this week as a part of the sesquicentennial events. He'll speak at a multi-faith service for peace tonight at 7:30 in Gunnison Chapel. Weissbard told David Sommerstein he really WAS the very last theological student at St. Lawrence.  Go to full article
Plattsburgh For Peace Message
Plattsburgh For Peace Message

Phelps Family Protest Sparks Tolerance, Dialogue In Plattsburgh

Locals in Plattsburgh have been bracing for months for the visit of Fred Phelps, a radical anti-gay activist from Topeka, Kansas. Phelps and his small group of followers targeted Plattsburgh churches over the weekend because the city's mayor, Dan Stewart, is openly gay. The Phelps family pickets regularly at the funerals of AIDs victims and - more recently - at the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the visit to Plattsburgh appears to have backfired for Phelps, sparking an enormous display of support for diversity and tolerance. As Brian Mann reports, local activist groups and churches hope their response will be used as a model in other communities.  Go to full article
"Freight Train" Willie Raines blows up a hot water bottle
"Freight Train" Willie Raines blows up a hot water bottle

Evangelical Strongmen Break Bricks, Preach Gospel at Fort Drum

A four-day Christian revival event came to the North Country last week. This was no traveling tent show. The North Country Encounter featured stunt bikers and rock climbing, motorcycle tours and Christian rockers. The lineup also included two strongmen evangelists known as the Power Team. They smashed bricks and bent steel bars - but their message was spiritual. Chaplains at Fort Drum invited the Power Team and other evangelists to perform on the base. About a hundred soldiers and their families attended. Greg Warner went to the event and sends us this report.  Go to full article

Keeping the Faith, Behind Bars

Adirondack Correctional Facility is in Ray Brook. It's unusual among New York State prisons that it has some sort of christian activity group meeting 7 days a week.

Greg Warner attended an evening bible study inside the prison. He spoke to about a dozen inmates there, who chaplain Eric Olsen calls "the elders" of the prison church. He says they do much of the missionary and organizational work to keep the church going.

Inmate Hector Cruz began the evening by reading aloud the prayers of other inmates. One inmate prayed for his mother's health, another for his court case.  Go to full article

Iraq Diary, Pt. 27: Christmas With Dad In Iraq Means Waiting for Homecoming

For dozens of military families in the north country, this Christmas season has been tough. A contingent of reservists from Vermont is now on its way to Iraq. Meanwhile, seven hundred National Guard soldiers from around New York state are scheduled to return next week from Iraq. A demobilization ceremony for the 2nd of the 108th battalion has been tentatively scheduled for next Monday at Fort Drum. The homecoming will be a joyous time, but it will also be a time for complicated adjustments. This week, as part of our Iraq audio diary series, we'll hear from Susan Olsen. Susan is an artist, a teacher, and a homemaker. She's also the wife of Major Eric Olsen, an army chaplain from Saranac Lake who's been serving at Camp Orion north of Bagdad. Their sons are Garth and Evan.  Go to full article

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