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News stories tagged with "fertilizer"

Vigoro lawn fertilizer. Photo: <a href="">Yngve Roennike</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Vigoro lawn fertilizer. Photo: Yngve Roennike, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

New York: Avoid lawn fertilizers with phosphorus

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) State environmental officials are reminding New Yorkers not to use lawn fertilizers that contain phosphorus.

New York law prohibits the use of phosphorus fertilizers on lawns unless the lawn is being established or if a soil test shows that it is needed. The state law does not affect agricultural fertilizer or fertilizer for gardens.  Go to full article
Unloading biosolids at the Grasslands facility in Chateaugay, NY. Photo: Casella Organics
Unloading biosolids at the Grasslands facility in Chateaugay, NY. Photo: Casella Organics

North Country company finds farm value in human waste

Waste management companies are finding it's increasingly expensive to send garbage to a landfill. So they're trying to find more ways to recycle what we throw out. That includes what we throw out of our own bodies.

A new facility in northern Franklin County, run by the Potsdam-based company Casella Resource Solutions, is turning sewage into fertilizer. And it's for sale.  Go to full article

Now is not the time for lawn care

A string of unusually warm, even hot, weather this week may bring the green back into many North Country lawns, but horticulturist Amy Ivy says it's simply too early for raking and reseeding, and far too early for feeding the grass.

She had plenty of tips, including new restrictions on using phosphorous, in her conversation with Martha Foley this morning.  Go to full article

Dealing with garden leftovers

With the growing season winding down, some gardeners have already begun garden cleanup chores. Horticulturist Amy Ivy has some tips on composting and ideas for building a proper compost bin.  Go to full article

Whose lawn is lusher?

Lots of people love a full, lush lawn. Personal green space for the kids, a tidy, open vista around the house, but it isn't easy, keeping a monoculture like grass. Lawns DO like a rainy summer like this one. And fertilizers and herbicides might help. But there's concern about water pollution from lawn chemicals. Julie Grant reports that some experts say you can use them, just don't over-use them.  Go to full article

A Bigger, Healthier Garden: How to Use Fertilizers

If you're going to fertilize the garden, horticulturist Amy Ivy says now is the time. She has tips on what to use and how to use it.  Go to full article

Gardening in the Rain

Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy on gardening in rainy weather,including the effect rain has on fertilizers, organic and non-organic.  Go to full article

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