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Nobody likes to see their taxes increase, but it's an essential service that we provide.

Two town of Brownville village fire departments urge consolidation

Small fire departments that rely on volunteers and local support are struggling to survive. Fire departments in the neighboring villages of Brownville and Dexter are urging residents to support a merger and a new form of governance. One fire chief says consolidating will make funding and firefighting simpler for the rural towns of Jefferson County. Joanna Richards reports.  Go to full article
Fire chief Tim Jerome stands with a piece of history
Fire chief Tim Jerome stands with a piece of history

Heard Up North: Once a fixture, fireman's pole slipping away

We've reported for years on the thinning ranks of the North Country's volunteer fire departments. Well, another thing that's disappearing is the fireman's pole. Due to liability and safety issues, the National Fire Protection Association is recommending poles be removed from firehouses.

One of the last working fireman's poles in St. Lawrence County is at the village of Potsdam's volunteer fire department. David Sommerstein brings us this Heard Up North.  Go to full article

Thin Ice Treacherous for Snowmobile Riders

Officials in northern New York, Vermont, and Ontario are urging snowmobile riders to stay off of frozen lakes and rivers. A warmer-than-usual January combined with several rainstorms have left patchy ice conditions in many areas. Two deaths have been reported in Ontario over the last week after sleds went through the ice. In the north country, two men are in critical condition following break-throughs. Brian Mann reports.  Go to full article

Firehouse Funding

Canton and Lisbon Fire Departments are getting help from state and federal governments. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article
Casey Ferguson stands before the ruins of her home.
Casey Ferguson stands before the ruins of her home.

Carthage Assesses the Future

Firefighters in the village of Carthage are working around the clock as the fire that destroyed most of a downtown block continues to smolder. It was the fire some people had feared for years. Still, many residents of the village of 4000 are still in shock. David Sommerstein has this report.

The Watertown office of the Red Cross is accepting donations for fire survivors. Call 315-782-4410.
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