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Matthew Flynn is one of the youngest GOP candidates preaching fiscal conservatism.
Matthew Flynn is one of the youngest GOP candidates preaching fiscal conservatism.

GOP preaches fiscal conservatism in November

Republicans nationwide believe they're riding favorable winds to big victories in November. And the sail is emblazoned with a simple message: fiscal conservatism. The details of how the GOP would downsize government - and what that would mean for North Country jobs - is still a bit fuzzy.

Republican candidates held a meet-and-greet in Ogdensburg last week. David Sommerstein took the opportunity to ask them what they'd cut.  Go to full article
Steve Levy, now a Republican, in Ogdenbsurg
Steve Levy, now a Republican, in Ogdenbsurg

Steve Levy: 'There would never be a late budget'

Suffolk County executive Steve Levy brought his campaign for Governor to Ogdensburg on Wednesday. He mingled with St. Lawrence County Republicans at a meet-the-candidates night at the Freighthouse restaurant. Levy switched parties from Democrat to Republican for this race. Some of his Democratic donors are demanding he return their campaign contributions. Levy told David Sommerstein he would not allow a late state budget if he were Governor. He says if the legislature couldn't pass a budget by the deadline, his executive budget would take effect.  Go to full article

Counties Renew Call for Medicaid Relief

County leaders, continuing their push to get state lawmakers to pass Medicaid relief, say they want to hear more answers from Governor Pataki when he gives his budget address in two weeks. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Little Applauds Medicaid Relief

North Country State Senator Betty Little, a Republican, was pleased with the Governor's speech. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

A Brief History of Medicaid in New York

The cost of the state's Medicaid program has grown by $17 billion since 1995, when Governor Pataki took office. The spending has risen so rapidly that the state's counties say just paying their share has led to a fiscal crisis. But Pataki, along with members of the state legislature, has found increasing spending on Medicaid difficult to resist. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Education Advocates Await Commitment from Pataki

Groups that won a lawsuit to reform the state's school aid formula are urging Governor Pataki to announce he'll make a down payment on school aid changes during the State of the State.  Go to full article

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