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News stories tagged with "fish"

Herring doing the deed.
Herring doing the deed.

Natural Selections: Fish Flatulence and Squirrel Alarms

Naturalists have observed telltale bubbles emitted by some fish and have even provided recordings. Others have detected secret alarm sounds in the cries of ground squirrels. Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager talk about the hidden sounds of nature.  Go to full article

River advocates to push for cleaner ballast

The environmental group Save The River is kicking off a campaign to urge Seaway freighters to clean their ballast water this weekend in Alexandria Bay. At the group's annual "Winter Weekend," the new St. Lawrence Seaway chief is scheduled to make his first public appearance in the North Country. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Viral disease killing Great Lakes fish

A disease is spreading, causing large fish kills in the Great Lakes. Biologists and fishery officials are working to prevent further spread of the disease, but there's a conflict between government agencies. Lester Graham reports there's also a cost to businesses that deal in live fish.  Go to full article

New fish virus discovered

New York State is warning anglers that a new strain of fish virus is spreading quickly across the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes. Jonathan Brown reports.  Go to full article

Fish disease prompts ban on ballast water

An emerging fish disease known as viral hemorrhagic septicemia, or VHS, has prompted a proposed ban on the use of ballast water in the Great Lakes. Chuck Quirmbach reports the proposed ban is leading to predictions of economic disruption.  Go to full article

Ten Threats: Coastal construction hurts fish populations

This month, we're revisiting the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's series on the ten top threats to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway system. One of the keys to the health of the lakes is the connection between the lakes and the land. The GLRC's Chris McCarus reports on how construction over natural coastal wetlands actually hurts fish populations.  Go to full article

DEC, anglers meet on cormorants

Cormorants are a native fish-eating bird. Almost killed off by pesticides earlier in the century, cormorants are back, and sport fisherman say they're eating up their business. But research hasn't yet shown enough to act. Yesterday the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources held an information session in Ogdensburg. Gregory Warner reports.  Go to full article
Larry "The Fish Guy" LaRue of Ogdensburg.
Larry "The Fish Guy" LaRue of Ogdensburg.

Heard Up North: Larry's fish truck

All summer long, seafood lovers in St. Lawrence and Jefferson counties are keeping their eyes open for a white truck with a big red lobster on its side. It's Larry's fish truck. He has been selling fresh fish packed in ice from Maine and Boston for nearly 15 years. He's today's Heard Up North.  Go to full article

Virus Killing More Fish in Lake Ontario?

Thousands more dead fish are washing up on the shore of eastern Lake Ontario and the upper St. Lawrence River. Biologists and local businesses are concerned because many different species are being killed. As David Sommerstein reports, a new virus may be causing the die-off.  Go to full article

Virus Threatens River Muskies

Biologists are concerned a new fish virus may become an ongoing threat in the St. Lawrence River. DEC officials have confirmed Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia, or VHS, killed hundreds of round gobies, an invasive species, last month near Cape Vincent. The virus also killed 18 muskies, a prized native fish in the St. Lawrence. The DEC says it hasn't affected river trout or salmon populations so far. David Sommerstein spoke with John Farrell. Farrell directs SUNY ESF's Thousand Islands Biological Station near Clayton. He says the virus is common in Europe and Japan, and in saltwater in the Pacific Northwest. It first showed up in the Great Lakes watershed last year, in the Bay of Quinte in Lake Ontario.  Go to full article

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