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News stories tagged with "flu"

Flu virus flourishes in cold

Researchers have known for a long time that cold weather brings the flu season. But they haven't known exactly why. Now, they think they know why cold weather affects how flu is spread. Mark Brush has more.  Go to full article

Salmonella hits the North Country

The state Department of Health has confirmed 34 cases of salmonella across the state - three in St Lawrence County. In all cases, the bacterial infection came from peanut butter - Peter Pan and Great Value brands. Containers of those brands bearing the code number 2-1-1-1 should be thrown away or returned to the store where they were purchased. Jonathan Brown reports.  Go to full article

Flu virus strikes Potsdam

An infection is spreading across Potsdam. Since Sunday morning, the unnamed stomach ailment has driven several people to seek medical help. Jonathan Brown reports.  Go to full article

Flu Hits St. Lawrence County

St. Lawrence County health officials confirm the first cases of flu last week. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Local Hospitals Prepare for Pandemic

Avian flu has killed 70 people in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia -- mainly farm workers in close contact with fowl. Last week, a 14 year old boy in Turkey died from bird flu - and his sister has tested positive for the disease. Health planners in the North Country are taking steps for a possible outbreak of infectious disease here.  Go to full article

All Before Five: 11/28/05 Home Remedies

Expansion plans on hold for St Lawrence Seaway. A seaway pilot explains why the long nights of December are dangerous for navigation. And for flu season: we hear your homegrown remedies...and the great orange juice debate...  Go to full article

North Country Flu Clinics Report Low Vaccine Supplies

We're a month into flu season. And many clinics around the North Country have been canceling flu shots. They simply don't have the drugs. Todd Moe reports.  Go to full article
Dr. Suzi Swain (Source: Trudeau Institute
Dr. Suzi Swain (Source: Trudeau Institute

Avian Flu Could Overwhelm Region's Healthcare

Global health officials are tracking the spread of avian flu in birds. They worry that a deadly strain of influenza could mutate and begin to spread aggressively among humans. There have already been dozens of cases where the disease made the leap from birds to people and in extremely rare instances the avian flu appears to have passed between humans. More than a hundred and twenty people have been infected so far, most of them in Asia. Nearly half died. This morning in the first part of our series on the local response to avian flu, we talk with Dr. Suzi Swain. Dr. Swain heads the Trudeau Institute, in Saranac Lake, one of the premier research facilities in the country investigating infectious and respiratory diseases. She's been meeting with local healthcare providers, who are preparing a response plan for the Tri-lakes area. Dr. Swain spoke with Brian Mann.

Note: Tomorrow during the 8 O'clock Hour, Brian reports looks at how one North Country community might respond if a flu pandemic occurs.  Go to full article

Plattsburgh Flu Caravan a Success, Many Seniors Still Unprotected

The supply of flu vaccine is extremely tight in the U.S. On Friday, two hundred and sixty people from Plattsburgh crossed the border in a caravan arranged by local officials. Seniors paid twenty-five dollars apiece to get their shots at a private clinic. As North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann reports, the locally-organized effort still leaves thousands of high-risk people unprotected.  Go to full article

Americans Seeking Flu Shots in Canada

The Health Minister of Canada says his country may be able to help the U.S. with its flu shot shortage. Ujjal Dosanjh says Canada has a surplus of the vaccine, but probably not enough to meet U.S. demand. Americans have been inundating clinics north of the border with calls requesting flu shots.  Go to full article

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