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A clear cut near Speculator managed by Lyme Timber.  Sometimes a woodlot that looks heavily logged is being managed well, while a parcel with lots of trees can be made of "junk" timber. Photo used by permission
A clear cut near Speculator managed by Lyme Timber. Sometimes a woodlot that looks heavily logged is being managed well, while a parcel with lots of trees can be made of "junk" timber. Photo used by permission

A million acres of Adk timberland becoming "junk"?

In recent weeks, the Adirondack Park has become embroiled in a new debate over clearcut logging.

But a growing coalition of environmentalists, industry leaders, government officials and academics agree on one thing.

More than a million acres of the Park's privately-owned timber land is deteriorating -- turning into what some critics describe as "junk" forest.

That trend threatens the long-term environmental health of the Adirondacks, as well as the health of the North Country's logging industry.  Go to full article

Sayward questions Grannis in budget hearings

During budget hearings in Albany yesterday, North Country Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward questioned Department of Environmental Conservation head Pete Grannis about a number of revenue-related issues. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article
The Emerald Ash borer..
The Emerald Ash borer..

Ash-chewing beetle joins the list of invasives hitting New York

Last week, New York's Conservation Department announced that yet another invasive species has arrived in the state. This one, the Emerald ash borer, could be devastating. Millions of trees have already been ravaged by the tiny, green beetle, from Michigan to southern Canada. Brian Mann spoke with Robert Davies, head of the DEC Division of Lands and Forests.  Go to full article

Adirondack-based school will study northern forests

Plans for an Adirondack-based leadership and training institute focused on the northern forest were announced Tuesday by state Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Pete Grannis. The Northern Forest Institute for Conservation, Education and Leadership Training will be located in Newcomb and run by the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article

Report tracks effects of climate change

Supporters of an ambitious bill to reduce risks of global warming say they don't have the votes to pass it in the US Senate today. The bill would require dramatic cuts in greenhouse gases, and nudge the nation's energy priorities away from fossil fuels. Even if it passes, President Bush says he'll veto it. Meanwhile, a new government report says climate change is already affecting crops, forests, water and wildlife. Lester Graham reports.  Go to full article

Forests in the Age of Global Warming

Scientists are growing trees in a Northern Wisconsin forest, in a bath of greenhouse gasses. There's a theory that forests can help limit the predicted increase in world temperatures from global warming, and its dire consequences. But early results suggest that Great Lakes forests might struggle to survive the century; doing little to help the survival of the planet. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Bob Kelleher has more.  Go to full article

Environmentalists Praise Bill That Would Increase Penalty for Stealing Trees

The Adirondack Council is praising a bill that would increase the penalty for stealing trees from the Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserves. Todd Moe reports.  Go to full article

Planning In the Adirondack Park: Process Is Slow & Controversial

When the Adirondack Park Agency was created, in the early 1970s, the act called for creation of dozens of unit management plans. The plans were meant to be detailed blueprints, shaping recreation and environmental protection in the Park's state forests. But in the decades since, few of those plans have been created. A $12-million initiative launched two years ago was meant to fill in the blanks. But as Brian Mann reports, there are worries that the planning process is behind schedule and facing some tough debates.  Go to full article

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