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Small talk in a small town pharmacy

Today is StoryCorps' National Day of Listening. We listen to one of the conversations that took place this past summer when the StoryCorps Mobilebooth visited the North Country. Sara Cutshall-King interviewed her husband, Joseph, in Glens Falls on July 5th. Joe's father owned a pharmacy in the small village of Fort Edward. More than 50 years later he still has vivid memories of the people and activities centered around the store.  Go to full article
Currier & Ives portrayal of Jane McCrea's murder (Source:  Library of Congress)
Currier & Ives portrayal of Jane McCrea's murder (Source: Library of Congress)

Unearthing North Country Legend Jane McCrea

The December issue of Adirondack Life magazine tells the story of Jane McCrea, a young Scottish woman who lived in Fort Edwards in the 1770s. While waiting to meet her fiance, McCrea was murdered and scalped by native soldiers loyal to the British. Her death sparked outrage in the American colonies and served as a major catalyst for the Revolutionary War. In the centuries since, McCrea has become a part of North Country legend. The Adirondack Life article was written by David Starbuck, who lives in Chestertown. Starbuck teaches anthropology at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and led the scientific team that is working to reconstruct details of McCrea's life. He told Brian Mann that Jane McCrea's story is tangled up in his own family's history.  Go to full article

North Country Guardsman Injured In Iraq

A National Guard soldier from Fort Edward was seriously injured over the weekend in Iraq. Private first class Chad Byrne, age 22, was wounded when a suicide bomber attacked an Army checkpoint near Samarra on Sunday. Seven American soldiers were injured in the strike. Brian Mann spoke with Chad Byrne's mother, Gail.

Note: Byrne is the second National Guard soldier from the region injured in less than a month. On August 20th, 23-year-old Ken Comstock, from Queensbury, suffered serious head injuries after a roadside bomb struck his humvee. Comstock is currently being treated at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington.  Go to full article

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