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Putting in. What could go wrong? Photo: David Sommerstein
Putting in. What could go wrong? Photo: David Sommerstein

Early bird campers get the wilderness to themselves near Old Forge

Tent? Check. Marshmallows? Check. If you don't mind chilly dips in the water or black flies, early season camping is a great time to beat the crowds to the wilderness.  Go to full article
Gary and Justin VanRiper
Gary and Justin VanRiper

"Adirondack Kids": ten years and ten books

The father/son writing team behind the popular Adirondack Kids books, and their fans, are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the series this summer. Gary and Justin VanRiper live most of the year in Camden, in the Tug Hill region. They and the rest of their family also spend lots of time on Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks. The award-winning Adirondack Kids book series has become a regional best seller. But Gary told Todd Moe that the first volume wasn't really meant to be a book.  Go to full article

Capturing 1,100 canoes/kayaks in one photo

On September 13, more than a thousand paddlers came together near the Adirondack town of Inlet to support breast-cancer survivors and raise money for more research of the disease. All those paddlers created what could be the world's largest flotilla of canoes and kayaks. Jerry Waskiewicz took a picture of them. It's today's photo of the day on our web site. It looks like an island made of thousands of slivers of color, which is pretty much what it is. It's an amazing photo and Jonathan Brown asked Waskiewicz how he got it.  Go to full article

Fighting cancer with a bit of fun in Inlet

Canoeists and kayakers will make some waves toward a cure for breast cancer in Inlet tomorrow. Some 2,000 canoes and kayaks will converge in a large flotilla on Fourth Lake. Organizers hope to raise $50,000 for the Susan Komen organization, and set a new world record for the most canoes/kayaks on a body of water at the same time. Todd Moe spoke with Connie Perry, of "Frisky Otter Tours" in Inlet, about organizing the "One Square Mile of Hope Event".  Go to full article

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