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News stories tagged with "fred-schneider"

Commentary: Transcendental Ruminations

Commentator Fred Schneider tries to make sense of transcendentalism, and whether he can transcend or not.  Go to full article

Commentary: A Personal Downsizing

Fortune 500 refugee Fred Schneider decided to slow life down by moving to Saranac Lake to pursue a writing career. He's found inspiration in straight forward work, like stacking wood. And in the straight talk that goes with it.  Go to full article

A Distance to Fathers

Sunday is Father's Day -- one of the days families tend to draw together. But there's an inevitable distance, with fathers, as commentator Fred Schneider now knows from both sides.

Fred Schneider lives in Saranac Lake. He is the son of John P. Schneider Jr., recently departed but forever faithful to family and the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Go to full article

Commentary: On Improving the Weather

Deep in the layering of this long winter's snow, Fortune 500 refugee-turned-writer Fred Schneider once again finds himself battling his big business inclination to improve everything, in his essay on improvement of the weather.  Go to full article

Commentary: To Build (yet another) Fire

It may be no mystery to a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout, but commentator Fred Schneider, a recent transplant to the region, found that there is much to learn about making a good fire.  Go to full article

Commentary: First Christmas in the Adirondacks

Fred Schneider knew the transition from the big city to his family's new home in the mountains wouldn't be too easy. But nothing made the disconnect more evident than his first Adirondack Christmas - to be exact, the day of Santa's arrival at the Town Hall.  Go to full article

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