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News stories tagged with "frost"

New Year's frost.  Photo:  Todd Moe
New Year's frost. Photo: Todd Moe

What's that noise? Could be a cryoseism

If you've heard a loud boom, cracking sound, or bump in the night recently, it may be what's called a cryoseism. Scientists say they occur when water builds up in soil and expands. When the pressure gets too great, the rock and soil collapse, creating the noise. Sometimes it can be startling.

Potsdam geologist Frank Revetta says these so called "frost quakes" are not uncommon, and may be happening more often because of recent precipitation and bitter cold temperatures.  Go to full article

Two garden scourges

Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about two scourges in the garden this week: frost and weeds.  Go to full article

Growing season slows

Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about frost and share end of the season tips, including how to gather seeds for next year's garden.  Go to full article

Some "tough love" advice for gardeners

There's a chance of frost early tomorrow morning across the region. Todd Moe talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about how to protect tender plants already in the ground, and how to foster a lusher flower garden.  Go to full article

Frost advisories: some advice for gardeners

There are frost advisories for late tonight and early tomorrow morning across the region. Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy for advice on how to protect what's left in the garden. (And a note about whether to pick winter squash if there's frost in the forecast: Amy says winter squash should be allowed to fully ripen on the vine before picking. Wait till you can't pierce the flesh with your fingernail and the stem is tough and woody. Cut the stem as long as possible. Store at 50-55 degrees at low humidity.)  Go to full article

Watching For Frost

The forecast is for temperatures in the 80s, but some spots reported frost over the past weekend. Amy Ivy talks about what's vulnerable, and what to do.  Go to full article

Chores and Early May Gardening Tips

Eager to start planting in the garden? Amy Ivy, hortculturist with Cornell Cooperative of Clinton and Essex counties, has some tips.  Go to full article

First Frost: Harbinger of What Awaits

There's widespread frost in tonight's forecast. Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about the end of the growing season, what to put in the compost heap, and some thoughts about next spring.  Go to full article

Gardeners' Alert: Frost in the Forecast

A high pressure system is drifting south from James Bay. Frost advisories have been posted for tonight in much of the North Country: southeastern St. Lawrence County, southern Franklin, western Clinton and Essex counties, as well as Hamilton, northern Herkimer, northern Warren and Jefferson and Lewis counties.  Go to full article

Preparing for Frost: The Gardening Season Draws to a Close

For much of the region the warm weather has made for an especially late gardening season this year. But frost is on the way. David Sommerstein talks with frost expert and North Country gardener Phil Harnden.  Go to full article

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