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News stories tagged with "fuel"

Food to fuel drives wheat prices

Short supply and high demand means wheat prices are at record levels, and still rising. Martha Foley reports.  Go to full article

Scientist warns of biofuel invasives

Some scientists are sounding a warning bell about the rush to plant new biofuel crops. The Environment Report's Charlie Schlenker reports they worry the new crops could damage the environment.  Go to full article

Drivers Delay the Sting of High Gas Prices

Gas prices are as high as they've ever been in the U.S. But there's one place in the country where people are fueling up for under a dollar a gallon. The GLRC's Mark Brush explains.  Go to full article

Sales Tax Boosts County Revenue at Commuters' Expense

2006 has started off as a record year for sales tax revenue in the North Country. Sales tax receipts are up almost 10% in St. Lawrence County, 17% in Lewis County and 21% in Jefferson County for the first quarter of the year. Legislators have sited several factors: In Jefferson County, population increases from Fort Drum played a role. A new Walmart in Lowville helped boost numbers in Lewis County. But rising fuel prices have also contributed to the increase. And what no one knows is how much of the increased sales tax revenue comes - not from people buying more stuff - but from people paying more at the pump. Last year, St. Lawrence County suspended its tax on heating fuel. Legislator Bill Lacy says that's why the county had less sales tax revenue than its neighbors. "I'm glad we took it off," he said. "Had we left it on home heating oil we might have seen a greater increase than we did." Lacy supports keeping the tax on fuel for cars. He says the county can use the money. But some businessmen disagree. Bob Penski runs Penski Personnel in Potsdam, an employment matching firm. He told Gregory Warner that over-taxing commuters could hurt the economy.  Go to full article

Workshops Promote Winter Energy Conservation

Homeowners and landlords across the North Country are trying to keep fuel costs down this winter. The St. Lawrence County Energy Alliance, a group of residents, fuel dealers, service providers and elected officials, is offering workshops on home energy conservation beginning next week. The first workshop will be Tuesday evening, January 10 at 6:30 at the Canton Fire Station. The programs will offer ways to make homes more comfortable while saving energy this winter. Miles Manchester, a "do-it-yourselfer" who will lead the training workshops, spoke with Todd Moe. For more information: 315-408-8562  Go to full article

Caught in the Heating Squeeze

Heating oil prices are 23 percent higher statewide than last winter. But the federal funds that help low-income people pay the bills have not increased. That could change today - Congress is considering a modest increase to the Heating Energy Assistance Program, as part of the end of year defense appropriations bill. But it's not clear how much would go to people in need. And that need is real. Gregory Warner joined an oil supplier in the Ausable Valley on his delivery route. He sent us this report.  Go to full article

Fuel Vendors Face Paperwork Puzzle

A fuel tax exemption kicks in tomorrow in St. Lawrence County, but some oil and fuel vendors are still waiting to find out how they're supposed to handle the paperwork. A few weeks ago the county legislature voted to lift the 3.5 percent county sales tax on all heating fuels this winter, to make the heating burden a little easier to bear. The problem is, no one told the fuel vendors how they're supposed to report the untaxed sales to the IRS. County Treasurer Robert McNeil has been fielding the phone calls. He spoke with Gregory Warner.  Go to full article

State Approves St. Lawrence County Fuel Tax Suspension

St. Lawrence County residents won't have to pay full sales tax on heating fuel this winter. The state agreed to let the county suspend its 3% share beginning December 1st. Martha Foley has more.  Go to full article

St Lawrence County Brainstorms Home Heating Solutions

Heating prices will hit record highs this year. New York State legislators are wondering what to do about the problem. Hillary Clinton and other Senators are calling on President Bush to do more on the federal level. Meanwhile, St. Lawrence County recently eased the burden slightly--they suspended all home heating fuel taxes for this winter. What more can people on the local level do to help themselves?

Last week a diverse group met in Canton to address that issue. Energy providers, church leaders and community advocates from St Lawrence County had a brainstorm session.  Go to full article

County Votes to Drop Heating Fuel Sales Tax

With record fuel prices expected this winter, the St. Lawrence County Finance Committee voted unanimously to suspend all county taxes on heating fuels starting December 1. New York State and the city of Ogdensburg still have to approve the measure.  Go to full article

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