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News stories tagged with "gardening"

Gardening in the Wet

Wet weather has meant explosive growth in some gardens -- Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about wild squash plants, and a burgeoning slug population.  Go to full article

Late Summer Gardens: Making the Best of Faded Flowers

Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about perennials that are past their peak--poppies, daisies and daylilies--and how they can still add interest to the garden  Go to full article

Gardening: Summer Care for Tomatoes

If you haven't checked your tomato plants in the last 15 minutes or so, they could be getting away from you. Horticulturist Amy Ivy and Martha Foley talk about suckers, staking, cracking, blossom end rot and slow ripening.  Go to full article

Bugs: They're Not All Bad

Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about bugs in the garden. What's the best defense against pests?  Go to full article

Vines and Wines: The Art of Growing Grapes

Martha Foley talks with horticulturist Amy Ivy about growing grapes for juice or wine. Even in a backyard vineyard, it's part art and part science.  Go to full article

'Tis the Season for Strawberries

Martha Foley checks in with horticulturist Amy Ivy about strawberries.  Go to full article

Time for a Garden Tune-Up

Horticulturist Amy Ivy has some tips on weeding, mulching and re-planting.  Go to full article

Late Spring Pruning: Keep Your Blooming Plants in Shape

The garden is in. The weather is warmer. Time to sit back and relax? Horticulturist Amy Ivy says there are always garden chores. She tells Martha Foley about pruning spring-blooming plants now, if they need it.  Go to full article
<i>Yellow Iris</i>, Alice Wand. From NCPR's UpNorth Gallery
Yellow Iris, Alice Wand. From NCPR's UpNorth Gallery

Garden Tour: Life Among the Irises

There are gardeners who delight in growing a variety of annuals, perennials and veggies each year. Then there are those who devote most of their botanical careers to one particular flower or plant. For years, Paul Johnson who lives in Upper Jay in the northeastern Adirondacks, has found joy in growing irises. It's hereditary -- Paul Johnson is a third generation iris enthusiast and breeder. Todd Moe toured his plethora of iris gardens.  Go to full article

Giving the Garden a Boost

Amy Ivy talks with Martha Foley about soil temperature, fertilizer, mulch and other factors to keep your garden moist and healthy during hot spells.  Go to full article

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