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Close-up of Garlic Mustard flowers
Close-up of Garlic Mustard flowers

Control time in the garden

Weeding is probably the least favorite garden chore. But horticulturist Amy Ivy says getting an early start this month will make it easier to control weeds later this summer. Plus -- discouraging news about the invasive garlic mustard. She spoke with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

Non-native Plants Taking Over Public Lands

Government officials say invasive plants are taking over public lands at the rate of thousands of acres a day. These invasives are plants that are not native to the area. Often, plants such as garlic mustard and kudzu were brought to a region for ornamental use, before spreading to other areas where they weren't wanted. As the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Mary Jo Wagner reports, efforts to stop the spread of these plants have been spotty.  Go to full article

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