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Mountain Mart in Canton, NY. According to EPA data, the agency found violations at seven gas stations in Malone, Massena, Moira, Plattsburgh, and Canton. Photo: David Sommerstein
Mountain Mart in Canton, NY. According to EPA data, the agency found violations at seven gas stations in Malone, Massena, Moira, Plattsburgh, and Canton. Photo: David Sommerstein

Cold snap draining fuel supplies, prices spiking

NEW YORK (AP) A second fierce blast of winter weather is sapping fuel supplies in many regions and sending prices for propane and natural gas to record highs.  Go to full article

Oil and the price at the pump

Energy analysts say a glut of oil means gas prices probably won't spike too much this year. Rebecca Williams has more.  Go to full article

Why is gas more expensive in the North Country?

The price of gas is a common complaint in the North Country. And a big part of this complaint is that gas prices go up as you go north. There are exceptions, of course, but the theory that gas costs more in northern New York is corroborated by a drive through the region - or even surfing the many web sites devoted to finding the cheapest price per gallon. According to Motor, gas costs less in Glens Falls than in Plattsburgh. It's less in Syracuse than Watertown. And some of the highest prices at the pump are in St Lawrence and Franklin Counties. Jonathan Brown tried to find out why.  Go to full article

Rising gas prices may help, not hurt, tourism

North Country businesses that depend on summer tourism are keeping a worried eye on the rising cost of gas. Concern is growing that many travelers will avoid punishing prices at the pump and simply stay home. But, as Jonathan Brown reports, tourism officials say higher gas prices could help the region attract more visitors.  Go to full article

Gas prices cut truck sales

The North Country has long been home to four-wheel-drive trucks and full-size SUVs. Our roads, whether they're caked with ice or riddled by potholes, often demand something a little more rugged. But rising gas prices are making even die-hard SUV drivers think about getting something more fuel-efficient and selling their beloved gas guzzlers. Trouble is, no one's buying. Even some dealers won't accept full-size trucks or SUVs as trade-ins anymore. And, as Jonathan Brown reports, a kind of vehicle hysteria is setting in.  Go to full article

Gas prices worry drivers and economists

It's Memorial Day - the traditional kick off of the summer driving season. But this year, no matter where you go, everyone's talking about gas prices - including economists and truck drivers. And they talked to Jonathan Brown.  Go to full article

Bruno wants Lawmakers to Tackle Energy Crisis

State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is trying to put pressure on Assembly Democrats to return to Albany to deal with the growing energy crisis. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Record High Gas Prices Punish Working Families

Gas prices continue to rise around the U.S., hitting an average of two dollars and twenty-two cents a gallon. That's a new record. Here in the north country, prices are even higher -- close to two dollars and forty cents a gallon. As Brian Mann reports, low-income workers are taking a hit from pump prices, especially those who face a long commute.  Go to full article

Cleaner Air, Higher Gas Prices?

The federal government's tougher regulations on pollution might have consequences on prices at the gasoline pump. To meet the Clean Air Act, some areas might be required to use cleaner-burning fuels. That could make it tougher to get gasoline supplies where they need to be. And that could mean higher prices. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Lester Graham reports.  Go to full article

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